My Fellowship

This is not going to be a long post (famous last words). Part of the twelve step jargon is calling the community of people in the program a “fellowship”.  As I am a card-carrying geek-dork, I immediately flash to: Someone said it in Monday night’s meeting and I suppressed a giggle…because I’m apparently 12 years […]

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(UN)Safe Space

Safe space? People in twelve step programs incessantly talk about place. “Don’t put yourself in an unsafe space.” For alcoholics, it’s a bar. For gamblers, it’s a casino. For sex addicts, it’s…being conscious? “Stay in a safe space.” The disease is strong enough. You don’t need to give it home field advantage. . . . […]

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The Hole In My Soul

I am an addict. I am addicted. I have been before puberty. So have many others. I’m not the worst case. I’m not the best case. None of us are cases. We are all people. I’m not I’d rather not say to what but I’m in a twelve step program for it. I will say […]

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