Comic Book Crushes

As a high school untouchable, the closest I ever came to a date was taking sideways, ultra quick glances at my fellow female classmates. I had to be subtle because if I was discovered looking at a hot girl, I would be verbally slammed by her and/or physically slammed by her boyfriend. And 9.9 times […]

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Roger Dodger

There is nothing bland about Roger Dodger. It stars Campbell Scott, son of the late, great George C. Scott. It is a story about a 15-year-old high school dork (Jesse Eisenberg) who has, shock, trouble with girls. He takes the extraordinary step of running away from his home in Ohio so that he can go […]

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In the early days, there was just G for gay. It generally referred to homosexuality. As the years marched on, a need for more nuanced labels (this need was obvious to reasonable people, at least) became evident. The most comprehensive I could find is LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+. I’m going to attempt to define each one. And then I […]


Romantic Intimacy: A Formula

As a dude who never had a girlfriend… (seriously the longest I’ve even dated a person is a few months and that was one time. The 2nd longest dating interaction I had was like 5 dates with this woman we refer to as “mean girl” so you can imagine how awesome that was. And after […]

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