Beck. Petty. Radiohead. Me.

“I’m A Loser Baby So Why Don’t You Kill Me?” – Beck “Even the losers get lucky sometimes.” – Tom Petty “I’m a creep.” -Radiohead “Guilty.” -Me I’ve been thinking about writing this post for several months. I don’t think I was avoiding it on a conscious level. Every time I thought of Beck’s line […]

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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

A friend of mine described Charlie Kaufman (the screenwriter and an executive producer of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) movies as “hard to watch.” Being a huge fan of Adaptation, I was taken aback by this statement. But then I started to think about the last third of Adaptation. It was an inside joke […]

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It Takes A Village

If you’ve got mental health challenges like me, I’m sure you’re familiar with the following phenomenon (well, honestly you don’t need mental health challenges to be familiar with this; it’s probably pretty universal): You are thinking about doing X. A little voice in your head says “Don’t do that. Seriously. Don’t do that.” Another voice […]

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