Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way

Spike Lee won Best Director for Blackkklansman. It’s a good flick. It’s not his best work I’d predictably say that’s Do the Right Thing with it’s particularly relevant final scene in today’s era of awareness about the murderous transgressions of police officers. But there’s a long history of Oscars being handed out to winners for […]

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The Man In…The Hoodie?

For Trayvon Martin. And for the countless number of black people who have been denigrated, abused, physically assaulted, mentally traumatized, and murdered by police, I am making a change. If there is ever a need for an additional layer (or layer) of clothing (beyond my typical t-shirt) due to colder weather, my top layer will […]

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Same Old Same Old

I haven’t written an original blog post (other than adding to my protest posts and a new daily funny animal) in about two weeks. I’ve been suffering with some self-inflicted medical and financial problems (or for me that’s called Tuesday). I’m planning a big-time comeback so don’t you worry my five loyal readers! But I […]

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