Pride Crashes

We’ve all been there. You’re driving. You DEFINITELY have the right of way. A giant asshole pulls out into traffic and unless you hit the brakes, you are going to slam into him. Legally, you would not be at fault. You would be right. He would be wrong. But then your car would be destroyed […]

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Is Elsa Right?

Spoiler alert: She is right. (Let’s go back to the beginning now that I’ve offered up the ending.) There is friend X and friend Y. X is male. Y is female. They both are local. This is not the only X. This is not the only Y. But they’ll do for this post. X and […]

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In the early days, there was just G for gay. It generally referred to homosexuality. As the years marched on, a need for more nuanced labels (this need was obvious to reasonable people, at least) became evident. The most comprehensive I could find is LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+. I’m going to attempt to define each one.¬†And then I […]