Tequila Sunrise

Written and directed by Robert Towne, the man who, according to many film experts, wrote Chinatown, the “perfect script”. This “thriller” stars Mel Gibson (way before he had his anti-semitic coming out party), Kurt Russell, Raul Julia and Michelle Pfeifer. It’s a love triangle (how rare) with drugs and a lot of money and international thugs. […]

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Kiss Me Deadly

Another classic film (or at least an old film) directed by Robert Aldrich (and adapted from another Mickey Spillane novel). Fine acting, a decent story line and Mike Hammer, THE man’s man, for a protagonist. How can you not be with the name MIKE HAMMER? Look at this baller: There is no dialogue wasted with […]

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Belle du Jour

If you are down with classic film, then you will recognize the cry “New York Herald Tribune.” It’s shouted by a character who isn’t even on screen but this signature sound clip is in almost all of those montages of classic films people put together before your modern day flick starts in the theatre. The […]

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