Time Is A’Ight But…

Time is magic but the most meaningful power in my life is my people; those who I love who love me despite me, regardless of DNA overlap. Without them, all the time in the world means nothing. You know who you are. I love y’all.  

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You Know Some People

Today is the birthday of the 2nd most important person in my life. I know it’s kind of silly to rank people but I’m a data nerd and I like lists and rankings. Really, the top 3 are not ranked 1-2-3. They are more like 1a-1b-1c. All three are perfect in their own way. #2 […]

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One Less Thing To Worry About

So I was sitting in my seat waiting for I Feel Pretty to start Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t going to see this movie. I loved Trainwreck but I just wasn’t interested in this one for some reason. But then I heard the plot was the subject of leftist internet outrage (disclaimer: I’m a FAR FAR […]

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