The Fire Within

My advice to you is to close this browser tab and read something else. Seriously. I’m warning you. OK. You asked for it. Yesterday, my bowel movement smelled like it was burning. Like smoke was literally coming out of my asshole. Being a connoisseur of my own bouquet, if you will, I have come to […]

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The 10 (WMATA) Metro Commandments

In order to fulfill our mission to be a transparent, customer focused organization, we promise to adhere to the following Ten Commandments. – WMATA Management Your train will be waiting at the platform until one of our spotters notices you and then it will be dispatched as soon as you can see it in the […]

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Purgatory Rocks (rerun)

(Being rerun for banal reasons) I’m just so grateful to be out of hell – to be alive again- I don’t think I’ve ever been grateful or even understood what it meant to be grateful or even used the word grateful- but I get it now. Better late than never right? UPDATE: I don’t feel […]

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