You Think You Know Somebody(place)

We’ve been inundated with so many images of Paris, a city that seems to have been painted by the most refined master, and Rome, a beautiful chaos that accommodates the new and classical in haphazard brilliance, that we think we know them even if we’ve never set foot within their boundaries. They are often the […]

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La Cage Aux Folles

This is the French film that The Birdcage was based on. It is now a tried and true formula to take a European hit and redo it with American actors and American sensibilities. It works many times because only the strongest, or at least the most entertaining, foreign films get this “honor.” But it also […]

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Paris is a Rocky Mountain

Paris is a painting. For more than 2000 years, its population has been adding nuances to it; an endless exhibition open to the world, often depicted, but never adequately appreciated until you’re sitting on a bench by the Seine, sighing as the sun goes down and a Parisian’s dog, off its lead, scampers up to […]

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