Unghostings: Part Deux

I recently wrote about two people who had resurfaced after ghosting me. One was my 12 step sponsor. I have to give him credit; he has been responsive and supportive since his unghosting. He has backed up his words. I won’t ever count on him again or trust him again to the same extent but it’s […]

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Is Elsa Right?

Spoiler alert: She is right. (Let’s go back to the beginning now that I’ve offered up the ending.) There is friend X and friend Y. X is male. Y is female. They both are local. This is not the only X. This is not the only Y. But they’ll do for this post. X and […]

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I posted about my shit list (which is largely but not entirely populated with people who ghosted me) recently. While writing that very post the first person on the list, my oldest friend, reached out to me and apologized for not responding to me for nearly a year. Maybe some universal agent tipped him off. […]

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Can You See Yourself In The Darkness?

You stand in the Bracken. Your pupils expand. What was black water solidifies; forms texture; shapes coalesce. Mydrasis settles in and you the colony materializes. Countless winged stalactites hang from innumerable precipices. The darkness is shifting as sleep’s slow breath beats a silent rhythm. You cast your light at the living void and a swell […]

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This is dedicated to the people I hurt. I will never stop being sorry. Your forgiveness was a beautiful expression of your true nature. I appreciate it. Will I ever forgive myself? Read on, True Believer. Also, get ready cuz shit’s about to get heavy. And I’m probably going to unabashedly abuse analogies, metaphors and […]

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