Comic Book Crushes

As a high school untouchable, the closest I ever came to a date was taking sideways, ultra quick glances at my fellow female classmates. I had to be subtle because if I was discovered looking at a hot girl, I would be verbally slammed by her and/or physically slammed by her boyfriend. And 9.9 times […]

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Time Is A’Ight But…

Time is magic but the most meaningful power in my life is my people; those who I love who love me despite me, regardless of DNA overlap. Without them, all the time in the world means nothing. You know who you are. I love y’all.  

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East of West ONE : (mini-review++)

The tweet: East of West ONE: SPOILERS: Brilliant western future world,+native Americans get a nation,- slavers do 2 but I get it,stunning art,vengeful colors,strong story,can’t wait to follow death on his family affair in TWO. Bravo @jhickman,@nickdragotta,@frankmartinbox #Comics #WildWest The value added: Rating: 5 out of 5 octopuses 🐙 MR0014 Reviwer’s Note: this book is […]

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