Love Isn’t Inherited

If I meet two people for the first time and one is related to me and the other is not, I give the benefit of the doubt to the non-family member. Biological connection means nothing to me. I only care about how a person treats me and to a lesser extent how they treat people […]

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Remembering Happy Meals

I was eating lunch at Panda Express in Alexandria, Va (I unashamedly love their Orange Chicken) when I noticed, sitting a few a feet away from me, were two little Hispanic kids (I’d say age 6 and 9 or so) and their father eating lunch as well. My 5 readers know I’m Hispanic; I’m not […]

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You Know Some People

Today is the birthday of the 2nd most important person in my life. I know it’s kind of silly to rank people but I’m a data nerd and I like lists and rankings. Really, the top 3 are not ranked 1-2-3. They are more like 1a-1b-1c. All three are perfect in their own way. #2 […]

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I F*cking Hate Family Therapy

So after a blessed two weeks off from it, I have to return to family therapy with my parents tonight. Thankfully. The maximum amount of sessions left is 5 because my parents are retiring to Southern Florida. This is really I guess all my fault. Well, kinda? Yeah mostly. See I’m a 43 year old […]

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