Memory Lane

I was signing up for something that required photos that showcased my amazing personality and myriad interests (no, it was not a dating site; I’m done with that). I went to the photos section of my Facebook profile because people generally post happy shit on their social media sites. The curated slices of their lives make it […]

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Unghostings: Part Deux

I recently wrote about two people who had resurfaced after ghosting me. One was my 12 step sponsor. I have to give him credit; he has been responsive and supportive since his unghosting. He has backed up his words. I won’t ever count on him again or trust him again to the same extent but it’s […]

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Romantic Intimacy: A Formula

As a dude who never had a girlfriend… (seriously the longest I’ve even dated a person is a few months and that was one time. The 2nd longest dating interaction I had was like 5 dates with this woman we refer to as “mean girl” so you can imagine how awesome that was. And after […]

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