Wish Upon a Star

This movie really speaks to me for some reason.   Fairy tales can come true It can happen to you if you’re BLUE at heart For it’s hard, you will find To be narrow of mind if you’re BLUE at heart You can go to extremes with impossible schemes You can laugh when your dreams […]

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Melania’s Fashion Senseless

There’s been a lot of hubbub about Melania Trump’s choice of jacket to wear when she went to visit a Trump brand child concentration camp in Texas yesterday. People want to know what the message meant and why she chose to wear it? Rightwing fans of the First Cunt spin things so that it was […]

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Kanye West Was Right

I like Kanye’s music. The last album I listened to was Yeezus. Even with music artists I like, I get bored and need to not listen to them for a minute.  I don’t know why I mentioned that; it’s not really relevant to this post. I guess I could be admitting I’m biased since I […]

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(NOTE: I left this as a draft and forgot to publish it! I am a dumbass!) These are 100 things I hate. Why am I listing 100 things I hate? It amuses me. I’ll explain the ones I think could benefit from explanation or my dumbass commentary: 1. Folding laundry 2. How my goddamn cloth […]

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