As An Addict I Find

I don’t want to be who I am anymore. Is that possible? Addicts who are surviving say relapse is always lurking and can never be fully extinguished. The dark fire is always there. Tonight I made a terrible mistake. I’ve made so many mistakes lately. I’ve made so many mistakes forever. Are they really mistakes […]

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Why Hasn’t God Put Out An App?

Seriously. (Ok not seriously but I’ll diatribe if I want to) The God of three of the world’s major religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) is the same being. I don’t know if more and more Muslims are abandoning their faith but I can tell you that more and more Christians and Jews are becoming more and […]

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My Fellowship

This is not going to be a long post (famous last words). Part of the twelve step jargon is calling the community of people in the program a “fellowship”.  As I am a card-carrying geek-dork, I immediately flash to: Someone said it in Monday night’s meeting and I suppressed a giggle…because I’m apparently 12 years […]

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(UN)Safe Space

Safe space? People in twelve step programs incessantly talk about place. “Don’t put yourself in an unsafe space.” For alcoholics, it’s a bar. For gamblers, it’s a casino. For sex addicts, it’s…being conscious? “Stay in a safe space.” The disease is strong enough. You don’t need to give it home field advantage. . . . […]

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