The Man In…The Hoodie?

For Trayvon Martin. And for the countless number of black people who have been denigrated, abused, physically assaulted, mentally traumatized, and murdered by police, I am making a change. If there is ever a need for an additional layer (or layer) of clothing (beyond my typical t-shirt) due to colder weather, my top layer will […]

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Goodbye Old Friend

When I was a much younger man, the Dallas Cowboys were a very successful football team. They won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years, a then-record accomplishment. I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through their accomplishments. I was a BIG fan. But then, in probably the first in a nearly endless series of asinine decisions, Jerry […]

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I posted about my shit list (which is largely but not entirely populated with people who ghosted me) recently. While writing that very post the first person on the list, my oldest friend, reached out to me and apologized for not responding to me for nearly a year. Maybe some universal agent tipped him off. […]

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