Kanye West Was Right

I like Kanye’s music. The last album I listened to was Yeezus. Even with music artists I like, I get bored and need to not listen to them for a minute.  I don’t know why I mentioned that; it’s not really relevant to this post. I guess I could be admitting I’m biased since I […]

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F*ck The NFL

The NFL “solved” its nasty little PR player problem by allowing players who have an issue with respecting and standing for the national anthem to stay off the field until it is completed. This saves them the headache of irritating reporters publishing stories about players actually employing their constitutional rights and also allows those same […]

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Self-Hater,Back in the Day

This might piss some people off. But fuck it. Anyone who thinks I’m saying this shit just to be a dick is not someone I give a shit about pissing off. Sure I am partially being a dick. I am a self-professed asshole after all. But I’m just trying to give an honest opinion of […]

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