Comic Book Crushes

As a high school untouchable, the closest I ever came to a date was taking sideways, ultra quick glances at my fellow female classmates. I had to be subtle because if I was discovered looking at a hot girl, I would be verbally slammed by her and/or physically slammed by her boyfriend. And 9.9 times […]

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Love Isn’t Inherited

If I meet two people for the first time and one is related to me and the other is not, I give the benefit of the doubt to the non-family member. Biological connection means nothing to me. I only care about how a person treats me and to a lesser extent how they treat people […]

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Go Ahead And Look Back

I was just watching this random tv show and a couple characters kissed on it. I watch tv and movies all the time. I see kisses all the time. But for some reason, this kiss just made me realize that if I truly am asexual, and I think I am despite that being a very […]

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