Love Isn’t Inherited

If I meet two people for the first time and one is related to me and the other is not, I give the benefit of the doubt to the non-family member. Biological connection means nothing to me. I only care about how a person treats me and to a lesser extent how they treat people […]

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Go Ahead And Look Back

I was just watching this random tv show and a couple characters kissed on it. I watch tv and movies all the time. I see kisses all the time. But for some reason, this kiss just made me realize that if I truly am asexual, and I think I am despite that being a very […]

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I’ve been thinking of the #metoo movement and the modern 24 Hour news cycle and I’ve been thinking that I’m really fucking grateful that no bored investigative reporter has put me under the microscope. I’m not saying I’ve ever been even a shadow of what Harvey Weinstein was in the workplace. Shit, I have never, […]

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