Pride Crashes

We’ve all been there. You’re driving. You DEFINITELY have the right of way. A giant asshole pulls out into traffic and unless you hit the brakes, you are going to slam into him. Legally, you would not be at fault. You would be right. He would be wrong. But then your car would be destroyed […]

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Time Is A’Ight But…

Time is magic but the most meaningful power in my life is my people; those who I love who love me despite me, regardless of DNA overlap. Without them, all the time in the world means nothing. You know who you are. I love y’all.  

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Memory Lane

I was signing up for something that required photos that showcased my amazing personality and myriad interests (no, it was not a dating site; I’m done with that). I went to the photos section of my Facebook profile because people generally post happy shit on their social media sites. The curated slices of their lives make it […]

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