I ain’t proud: https://cash.app/$sharkwrighter

I much write about anything from mental health to comics to movies to dating to science to all things geek to racism to other random things. Non-sequitur is pretty much my style and your curse.

(Lately I’ve been on a movie kick. I’ve got a big movie data project in the works.)

I used to write a lot about politics but no more. I’m not in the discussion anyway. I’m an ideologue and I’m left of left of left. There are good people trying to bring America back together but I am neither good nor trying.

I don’t aim to offend but I absolutely do not care if I do.

I also like to post funny animal stuff. Well, funny to me at least.

If you wanna follow a haphazard blog written by an asshole, be my guest. It’s a free country…for now.

Again: I ain’t proud: https://cash.app/$sharkwrighter