This Movie Will Save Your Life

def.jpgThe Flying Spaghetti Monster appears in your room and shakes you awake.

You: “What are you? What do you want?” (You say something like that)

It: “Simple. I’ve seen every movie ever made. I want to watch one last great film before the big un-bang. I want you to provide me with your dream cast and crew (just the major players – I’ve got an intergalactic union filling the rest). The rules are few: dead or alive, duplicates allowed if you think the same person is the best fit for multiple jobs, prime of their creative careers and powers. If it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen, I’ll take you with me to the next dimension. The party is going to be legendary.

I advise you to take this as seriously or ludicrously as possible. My only suggestion is you fill this out with NO GOOGLING. Sure, you’ll be pissed you forgot some people you love. But there’s something to be said about what’s percolating at the upper boundaries.

Here’s mine. Show me yours. (here’s a blank template)

Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 11.44.33 PM.png



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