Juno (2007) (mini-review++)


(If you’re curious, my review process. It’s also pasted at the end of this post. I don’t believe in Rotten Tomatoes. I just believe in me.)

(***all-purpose SPOILER ALERT*** there may be some in this review)

The mini-review:


acting 8

directing 8

writing 8

effects 6

editing 7

SW score: 37

3.7 out of 5 octopi

++  I had a blast watching this movie. I loved its sweet and quirky soundtrack. I love Michael Cera, the living avatar of the god of awkwardness. I loved Ellen Page as the fearless badass teenager who does still drop the sarcasm shields to deliver authentic emotions during critical moments. Diablo Cody’s script delivers the rare combination of sharp humor and heartfelt drama that doesn’t feel like an afterschool special. This script is the power behind the dynamic chemistry between Cera’s quiet and Page’s aggression. It’s a very funny interchange. All laughs aside, the movie does a fair job of depicting the tumultuous reality of teenage pregnancy. The subplot with the couple who want to adopt Juno’s baby was the only really false note for me. I could see it happening but it was so much less realistic than the rest of the movie’s plot choices. I just didn’t buy and I don’t think it was necessary. But other than that, I can’t quibble much with Jason Reitman’s direction. He definitely got some of his Dad’s chops (see Thank You For Smoking; that’s his best). Again, this movie is, as I wrote earlier, a comic blast that tackles a decidedly serious situation.




(1) Shark Wrighter (SW) Score: Based on a sum of 5 sub-scores (acting, directing, writing/story, effects: cinematography &/or animation &/or effects, editing) with 1 being terrible and 10 being terrific.

(2) Octopuses (0-5 🐙, with 5 being fantastic and 0 being feces)

(3) Octopuses are my unquantifiable feeling…not that SW score is scientific…but this one is even less so

(4) ++ This optional section includes any incredibly *brilliant observations that don’t fit into simple quantitative slices like the scores and octopuses *(they are likely NOT brilliant)

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