stephen a. smith is a clown

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I don’t know what Stephen A. Smith was so offended by that he had to storm off the set* of First Take.

(*I hate even linking to this site but primary sources are important)

I don’t need to know.

Stephen A. Smith was an enthusiastic supporter of serial domestic abuser Floyd Merriweather. Try googling “dumbest things said by stephen a. smith”. Get a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and set aside 15-30 minutes. Your fucking hair will be blown back by the sheer stupidity.

What’s extra funny about whatever stupid shit this moron is saying is the optics here. Again, Stephen A. Smith is a big fan of a confirmed domestic abuser. And here he is following the child rapist R. Kelly’s strategy on handling interviews. And fuck you if you think any of this shit is spontaneous. This is the guy you want to emulate, Stevie?

Steve: Even if you were making a sarcastic allusion to R. Kelly’s famous walk out, why would you think mimicking a child predator’s style is interesting or funny or smart? You’re right. I’m not being fair. You aren’t any of those things so how would you know what you’re doing?


I get why he’s employed. I get why Orange Hitler is president. Most people are fucking morons and they like to support their own. ESPN is about ratings and clicks and ad revenue (and there’s nothing inherently wrong about that – what’s wrong is people support it). It is NOT now nor EVER has been about integrity. It’s a business.

Fuck anybody or any organization who pays or supports this moronic piece of shit.

Take a final quick look at the expressions on the faces of the other two people who are looking at Smith as he does his bullshit. Their expression says the same thing “I can’t believe this asshole is why I’m employed. Oh well, I got make payments on my beach house so let’s act like he isn’t complete bullshit.”

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The only thing I regret about this post is that someone might actually waste their time watching this stupid show. But sometimes I just can’t let shit pass without saying something.


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