Spread Love, It’s The Brooklyn Way


Spike Lee won Best Director for Blackkklansman. It’s a good flick. It’s not his best work I’d predictably say that’s Do the Right Thing with it’s particularly relevant final scene in today’s era of awareness about the murderous transgressions of police officers. But there’s a long history of Oscars being handed out to winners for their best. Timing and public perception and all kinds of other bullshit fall into who wins an Oscar. That’s why I was shocked that The Shape of Water won last year. It was the best movie of the year.

The Oscars has rarely gotten it right in the last 3 decades. The quality of movies has definitely dropped since the studios turned their creative decisions into largely profit decisions. That’s why we see so many sequels.  The accountants at studio corporations don’t like to take risks. Go with what has worked before. They have all forgotten the lesson that the American movie public has responded enthusiastically to creative and good cinema. But going new is too bold for most big studios.

The Oscars, as a telecast, is also terrible. It’s hard to get excited about an auditorium full of rich, famous people sucking each other’s dicks.

(I mean that in the figurative dick sense. A millennial female friend of mine recently told me to “suck my dick” and there was no explanation needed. It’s a power statement, not a biological assertion. Young millennial women on my Facebook feed have also been posting about “big dick energy” and saying it applies to confidence, period. Gender is not the driving factor. For example, RBG has “big dick energy”. I get it. I don’t like it but I get it. I’ll expand on why in another post.)

It’s also lame that art is assigned a hierarchy. There is no such thing as a “best picture” or “best actor”. These things are subjective. I’m not saying movies are high art. They can be. But they aren’t most of the time nowadays. I’m not saying all movies are good and all are bad depending on whose watching because that robs those two words of any meaning. The last thing that makes the Oscars truly suck is the horrifically long duration of the show and unstoppably terrible introduction jokes they force all the presenters to say. You would think having access to the best film writing talent in the world would produce better filler. You would be wrong.

But all my oscar hating aside I wanna get back to my point. Spike Lee has directed many fine films. And I’m happy for him. Also, because I’m a sadist and LOVE Schadenfreude, my heart warms to the image of angry white racists (generally the republikkkan party and its mouth-breathing base) becoming enraged because the academy let a black person win. Conservative anger is god smiling.

Much love, Spike. You’re the best.





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