I Don’t Need To Watch the Nick Sandmann Viral Video

There is a developing story about this teenager and the first shorter viral video and the subsequent longer, uncut video, and the statement by the teenager in the photo.

I haven’t watched either.


He’s wearing a Trump campaign hat.

That means he’s an asshole, (most likely) a racist, from a red state, an idiot, and religious.

But I repeat myself.

I don’t give A FUCK about context and the fuller picture.

I don’t care if these teens wearing Orange Hitler paraphernalia and attending the anti-choice (colloquially known as the Pro-Life movement) were being verbally attacked by other Assholes (Black Hebrew Israelites).

Fuck Nick Sandmann.

Fuck his MAGA wearing teen buddies.

Fuck Catholicism.

Fuck Christianity.

Fuck the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Fuck Orange Hitler aka Trump.

Fuck the GOP.

Fuck every Red State.

Fuck the South.

Fuck the March for Life.

Fuck the Anti-Choice (“Pro-Life”) movement.

I wish all these assholes had beaten the shit out of each other.

Now that’s a video I would watch.


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