Trump Brand Kid Concentration Camps And Other Immigration Atrocities: Ongoing Updates

(In reverse chronological order)

12/5/2018: I’m no fan of organized religion but I tip my hat to Father Stephen Josoma and his anti-Orange Hitler nativity scene at the St. Susanna Parish. In all likelihood I would find much of their teachings repugnant but, hey, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

12/4/2018: Apparently the republikkkan strategy to demonize immigrants backfired in everywhere but the reddest and racist (but I repeat myself) states and localities. I’d like to say this means there is hope for the future of the American electorate. But I’m betting in 1 or 2 or 3 election cycles max, this electorate will, with their goldfish sized memories, will put the republikkkans back in power. History certainly confirms this idiotic pattern.

12/3/2018: CNN, Orange Hitler’s least favorite network (which I guess by default makes it my favorite network), got some buzz because one of its talking heads pointed out the hypocrisy of the religious right (uh, that ship sailed a long damn time ago – see all the immoral shit 45 does and the fact that the evangelicals supported him as much as possible so they could get their anti-choice judges appointed). Chris Cuomo isn’t the first to point out that the Christian story of Jesus’ parents seeking refuge in a foreign land has obvious parallels to the desperate people in the migrant caravan. I guess I shouldn’t so hard on these particular christ cultists. I mean, there’s no religion or political affiliation that isn’t steeped in hypocrisy. Although the lion’s share seems to be resting on the right side of the spectrum lately.

12/2/2018: Like MC Ren, Fuck what ya (republikkkans) heard (about immigrants). They contribute in many ways to this country’s economic, scientific, cultural, and educational arenas. They aren’t having babies at the border in the desert just so they can live on government assistance all their lives. How many immigrants do you see working at low paying jobs as you go through your day? You’re a lying motherfucker (or if you’re Orange Hitler you just don’t pay them) if you claim to see none.

12/1/2018: A snapshot look into the day to day exhausting, terrifying, and desperate existence of the caravan of Central American refugees. If you don’t know, now you know. And everyone should know how badly Orange Hitler and his republikkkan shock troops are trying to misconstrue this horror for their own evil goals.

11/30/2018: When Cliven Bundy and his brood, who like most republikkkans have a very selective, some would say untenable, approach to morality and legality, comes out as a voice of reason on immigration, you know things are bad. It’s particularly curious since Orange Hitler issued a pardon for this family’s brazen violation of federal law. Is this particular enemy of my enemy my friend? To quote another republikkkan asshole Bobby Jindal, Hell no. But I’m always happy to see republikkkans attack each other.

11/29/2018:  And the tear gassing of refugees could have been much worse. Orange Hitler said he authorized the military to use deadly force against the refugees. I imagine he didn’t actually authorize anything and the military person he spoke to just smiled and nodded at him. If being a “threat” to the USA merits tear gassing then the white house should be full of the stuff every day.

11/28/2018: Mega Cunt Tomi Lahren tweeted that seeing refugees tear gassed was the highlight of her Thanksgiving. If you thought there was not going to be a Faux news personality that came out to enthusiastically support the tear gassing then you really haven’t been paying attention. Regardless of whether she actually believes her statement or not and is just going for clicks doesn’t matter. She’s a fucking cunt for saying it. And yes the word is called for. The even shittier thing is over 40% of the American population feels the same way as this blonde shit stain. This deplorable voting block probably has more regard for a turkey’s life than for a brown person’s life. I take that back. There is no probably about it.

11/27/2018: White historian writes op-ed stating that the republikkkan party is the party of neo-confederates. People of color reply: no shit. It has always struck me as odd that these militant racists love to lionize the Confederacy and the Nazis. Wouldn’t it be better to use a racist group that actually won as your symbol?

11/26/2018: Some might accuse me of being a partisan, militant, unreasonable hack. I embrace all those characterizations. But I’m happy to call out. a motherfucker if they are republikkkan or democrat. Hillary Clinton, America’s Biggest Loser (sorry, I had to go there) recently said it was the fault of refugees fleeing certain death or extreme violence and unlimited indignities are at fault for the racist rise of right-wing political parties in Europe. To blame people who have literally lost everything and to criticize the humane governments who are trying to help them is beyond idiotic. I’ve never questioned HRC’s intelligence before this statement but now I have to. This is just another grotesque example of victim blaming. You would think a progressive woman would be the last person to advocate this logic. It’s ludicrous.

11/25/2018: I realize a Democratic senator isn’t an objective source in a debate between Orange Hitler and progressive immigration reform (because, you know, this senator uses facts and logic). But I’m not objective and if the past two years of this regime’s actions and statements don’t tell you who the problem is in this debate, then you are a goddamn idiot. Democratic senator Klobuchar has accused the Orange Hitler regime of weaponizing immigration issues and making no good faith efforts to negotiate real and bipartisan reforms. No shit. Sadly, I’m not convincing anyone who believes otherwise and frankly I don’t have the energy or desire to convert or even attempt to convert deplorables.

11/24/2018: It’s impressive when an entire government betrays its own race. The incoming Mexican government has taken thirty (billion?) pieces of silver from Orange Hitler’s regime to betray fellow brown people. As a person who grew up with subtlety racist Hispanic parents, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I can guarantee you the incoming Mexican government is composed of people who definitely don’t see themselves as the same race or class or “quality” as the refugees in the caravan. The racist elements in our society don’t even have to lift a finger to fuck with minorities. We’re killing each other.11/23/2018: It’s Black Friday. Americans are shopping their asses off. Retail stores, largely staffed with marginalized people, a great portion of which are immigrants. They are ringing people up and stocking shelves and keeping the bathrooms clean and helping you find stuff so you can conspicuously consume. I wish all the immigrants could leave to a country that appreciated them more. I’d love to see soft ass entitled Americans when immigrants aren’t around to do the jobs they feel they are above doing.

11/22/2018: it’s thanksgiving in the United States today. Ostensibly this holiday celebrates the time when non-Native white Americans (those are called undocumented people, you republikkkan Assholes) had their lives saved by brown native Americans. How did white America repay this aid? Genocide.

11/21/2018: I know I’m stretching here but it’s not like this update post is a beacon of objective reasoning. So, Orange Hitler says things are cool with Saudi Arabia even though our top intelligence agency says their acting boss had a journalist killed in a consulate and then ordered his thugs to chop up his body in little parts and smuggle it out of the country. As usual with america, money trumps morality. As a country, we have a proud history of this equation. What does this have to do with immigration? The country from which all but one of the 9/11 hijackers hailed from AND which now has people killed is NOT on the Muslim travel ban. I’m not for the travel ban but if you’re going to have one, maybe the kingdom should be on it. How the fuck does them being omitted make any sense?

11/20/2018: A brief respite from the onslaught of Orange Hitler’s evil today when a federal judge temporarily blocked the regime’s attempt to block refugees from seeking asylum outside designated points of entry. As is my wont, I just see this ending up at the supreme court where the quintet of evil will no doubt side with their dark lord.

11/19/2018: Orange Hitler’s legal dogs suggested providing census data to law enforcement agencies. I don’t know what the bullshit legal justification is or whatever the republikkkan patriot act style branding is behind this move but all that shit doesn’t matter. If marginalized migrant populations were too afraid to give information before to census takers, they sure as fuck aren’t going to give it now. Gee, a lower count of Hispanics. I wonder what racist pro-slavery party that benefits?

11/18/2018: Hey I’m happy the house of representatives is getting more diverse. I’ve advocated for removing the right to vote or hold elected office from white men so this is mild compared to what I would do. But it’s Taoist step in the right direction. But in perfectly predictable – some might say SCRIPTED – fashion, the incoming republikkkan goon congressional reps are advocating for a military response to people seeking asylum, which is something they are LEGALLY allowed to do under united states law. Let me repeat: they are using the military to prevent people from taking legal steps. What country is this? I guess it’s the same one it’s always been.

11/17/2018: Last time I checked, the inscription on the Statue of Liberty says “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” It does NOT say “do all that AND then do your best to make sure people don’t have enough to eat.” But Orange Hitler’s inhumane immigration enforcement has scared ELIGIBLE (read “documented” or LEGAL as piece of shit conservatives would say) poor people from seeking food stamp aid. This is the party of the supposed moral majority, right? I would say the part of the amoral majority.

11/16/2018: The Orange Hitler administration is now speeding up the process to deport immigrants who applied for asylum legally. They used to get to appeal and other such niceties before they got sent back to their home countries where they feared for their lives, or if they’re lucky, some other country with a humane government. I thought this regime was all about curbing the “illegal immigrants” only? Shocking, right?

11/15/2018: Trump supporters are racist. I for one am shocked. And don’t come at me with that shit about you voting for Trump’s good or “non-racist” ideas. When you vote republikkkan, it’s like getting pregnant. You can’t get a “little bit” or “partially” pregnant. If you vote for someone who enacts racist policies you are complicit.

11/14/2018: In more evidence that sane people live on a different planet than Orange Hitler and his fox news sycophants, another race traitor (a fox news specialty) claims Orange Hitler’s immigration policy is pro-Hispanic. I don’t know whether to be shocked or impressed. You gotta give it to these race traitors. They sure do stay on message.

11/13/2018: Orange Hitler has suspended asylum requests for 90 days when those requests originate outside designated ports of entry. Take a wild guess as to which population of refugees that will disproportionately affect? The republikkkan party’s favorite target: poor people of color.

11/12/2018: Just in case you were wondering, immigrants to this supposedly democratic and egalitarian country are not treated fairly. One example: a Mexican immigrant has been held in ICE detention since 2012. His horrific crime: drug possession. Unlike most of my leftist colleagues, I am not calling for the dismantling of ICE. Instead, I think all ICE personnel should be employed to work on repairing infrastructure across the united states. Don’t republikkkans insist Americans would take all these construction jobs if they weren’t undercut by undocumented labor? These ICE agents should be happy to take this important AND safer work for the good of white god and country.

11/11/2018: The 5 people who read this know I am no fan of FOX news and the Republikkkan party and Orange Hitler. I won’t use 45’s name anymore. So you might find it odd that I link to a FOX news story about ICE publicizing a story about an illegal immigrant (undocumented person) killing 3 people after a sanctuary city let him disregard ICE detention.  The link isn’t to imply agreement. I’m not pro mass murder, as most NRA members are. But I’d like to point out the transparent absurdity of this pathetic tactic to paint an entire population with the actions of one or even an extremely small percentage of that population. Should we deport all white males because they commit the VAST MAJORITY of all mass shootings? I mean, I would like to. But I’m not a fair or objective person. I’m an asshole and I’m not ashamed of it. But it seems that if you’re striving to be a fair or objective person, you would acknowledge the racist tactic that FOX news, ICE, and the rest of Orange Hitler’s stromtroopers are doing. Forget that immigrants commit far less violent crimes than natives. Even the LIBERTARIAN CATO institute confirmed that. An excerpt from a Washington Post article on the findings:

“But the social-science research on immigration and crime is clear: Undocumented immigrants are considerably less likely to commit crime than native-born citizens, with immigrants legally in the United States even less likely to do so. A number of studies published in the past several months clearly illustrate the consensus.”

The sad thing is Orange Hitler’s mouth breathing base eats this shit right up. Even a dung beetle wouldn’t do that.

11/10/18: Orange Hitler and his congressional cronies (the republikkkan party) are going to use the lame duck session to pass inhumane, greedy, and just plain racist policies.

This doesn’t surprise me. This doesn’t even make me mad. I wish the Democratic Party was as focused and ruthless as the republikkkans. The only hope progressives have is blue state Republican senators who are facing re-election. They might water down the hate crime legislation (unlike the similarly named laws designed to protect marginalized people, these will persecute them.). Also, the infighting in the republikkkan party might lessen the amount of evil in these bills. These aren’t great things to hang our progressive hopes on. But I’m not here to reassure you. My 5 regular readers know not to read my shit for inspiration. I truck in anger. Anyone who hates what is going on in this country needs to be pissed.

11/9/2018: Orange Hitler is attempting to limit asylum requests by requiring asylum seekers to cross into the United States at legal entry points. The ACLU is suing but the regime is using the same rationale that the supreme court agreed with to keep the Muslim ban in effect. You think the current iteration of the Supreme court is gonna support fair treatment of these marginalized people?

11/8/2018: A court says Orange Hitler can’t cancel DACA. So now it will go to the supreme court where 9 objective and nonpartisan judges will make a fair and reasonable interpretation of the appeals court decision and decide whether or not it was a correct decision. What’s that? 5 of the members of the supreme court are Republican lackeys and there’s no way in hell they decide this fairly? Yeah, I guess you’re right. Bummer.

11/7/2018: In a shocking development, I actually agree with one of Orange Hitler’s evangelical dogs. The president of the family research council (an organization which does not deserve capitalization or existence) claimed that Orange Hitler’s immigration policies are biblical. Now I understand that this piece of shit snake oil salesman meant that as a compliment to these abhorrent policies.  But that’s where we diverge. Any marginally sane review of the bible reveals an incredibly inconsistent and contradictory document that espouses, among other atrocities, child sacrifice, torturing believers as part of a bet, slavery, wholesale genocide of a city based on a disliked morality, and, famously, draconian punishments like an eye for an eye. I get that the new testament is more chill but it’s no less crazy.  The point is – yeah – I agree that Orange Hitler’s policies are biblical: insane, horrific, inconsistent, and completely misrepresented.

11/6/2018: I live in the same city as Orange Hitler. But while he’s reinforced by hundreds of republikkkan congressional reps, I don’t have a single rep in either chamber of our fucked up government who represents me and can actually cast a vote. And because the last thing the red-I mean-racist states will ever allow is another state with two likely blue senators, I think I’ll be worm food before the district gets taxation with representation. So I’m not really that excited about the possible blue wave. Let’s say the absolute best case happens and the donkeys take the house and senate. There’s still a solidly republican Supreme Court majority that will destroy any fair legislation and a wannabe dictator who will veto anything decent. I don’t know. I get that I’m a cynical prick but this just feels like “where you progressive assholes 2 years ago?” And meanwhile, Orange Hitler’s border stormtroopers are preparing (or at least pretending to do so; jingoistic campaign rallying anyone?) face off with a caravan that is full of women and children as if it was a military force.

11/5/2018: A sliver of hope: if the perpetually self destructive Democrats take the house, they might be able to harass or slow down Orange Hitler’s racist immigration machine. I have as much faith in the Democratic party’s to accomplish anything as I do in my ability to stop compulsively eating Cinnabon whenever I’m within a mile of that particular rollmonger.

11/4/2018: I don’t normally call for an abortion after the child has been born and I know it’s been multiple decades since this particular infant was born. But I would love to see some mystical demigod remove Orange Hitler’s eldest piece of shit son from the universe. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want him dead. I want him sent to an alien prison where he will be tortured for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, most of my dreams don’t come true.  What are ya gonna do? Life’s not fair. Orange Hitler Jr. was crying because CNN would not run his despicable father’s blatantly racist ad. Most voters are incredibly stupid so this ad will probably work well for the Republikkkans in the midterms.

11/3/2018: So Orange Hitler says he’s gonna cut down asylum AND have his troops SHOOT at rock throwers. It’s great when the usa is taking its lead from Israel, a country that has an impressive disregard for human rights. I know I’ve said this before but I’ve never been more embarrassed to be American.

11/2/2018: A historical proof of the incredibly damaging effects of asinine, xenophobic immigration policies would not make an impression on Orange Hitler and his deplorable following. But maybe, if you’re not a complete, racist asshole, you should read it.

11/1/2018: In another American Nazi party rally (colloquially known as the Republican party and its abhorrent voters), Orange Hitler implored the audience of white supremacists (Republikkkan voters) to vote for the GOP senate candidate running against sane person Claire McKaskill. Along with a ludicrous attack ad that states that Democrats allowed a cop killer back into the USA after he was deported, 45 further rallied his mouth breathing zombies into a jingoistic lather. Where’s a tornado when you need one?

10/31/2018: The monsters are feeding on each other today! Orange Hitler went after one of his chief lieutenants, calling Paul Ryan ignorant on birthright citizenship. That’s remarkable considering Orange Hitler may be the most ignorant public figure in the history of American politics.  And that is saying something. In my ideal scenario, 45 and his former loyal lackey Paul Ryan would shoot each other in the head, preferably with Mitch McConnel firing as well, pulling off the most ironic Mexican standoff ever. I can dream, right?

10/30/2018: Just when I think Orange Hitler can’t go lower he exceeds my expectations. Now the prince of shit is claiming that he can end birthright citizenship with an executive order. Who knows if he can legally do this. But if he tries it and it goes to the Supreme Court to validate – aha – I have a feeling his quintet of evil just might see it as constitutionally valid. I need to get out of this place.

10/29/2018: This isn’t conjecture. The Pittsburgh synagogue shooter believed Jews were behind the migrant caravan and he posted as much on social media where he also added that he was “going in” to deal with the Jewish problem. I know a lot of horrible people (but I repeat myself) that think words don’t matter. Tell that to the 11 people who were killed. I have to get the fuck out of this country. This country is the REAL shithole country.

10/28/2018: Let’s start counting the times Orange Hitler actually makes a factual statement. Isn’t that a lot easier to keep track of than the times he has twisted the truth to mislead his mouth breathing base about refugees?

10/27/2018: In a pretty shocking development (at least to my cynical ass), some of Orange Hitler’s strongest backers endorsed DEMOCRATS! Is there a crack in the racist regime?

10/26/2018: In a move that everyone should have seen coming and has no doubt made the KKK, the Alt Right, and Republican voters everywhere (but I repeat myself) cheer, Orange Hitler is considering closing the border to Central American refugees. Why don’t we just skip all these gradual steps and just declare that only white folks can immigrate to the USA?

10/25/2018: Orange Hitler’s stormtroopers (commonly known as Republican political candidates) are following his lead with asinine evil rhetoric that fires up their DEPLORABLE base. And sadly it will probably work.

10/24/2018: A person I admire and respect who happens to be related to me (in my opinion that’s a very rare combination) posted these words about Orange Hitler’s doubling down on barbaric immigration policies: (My smart ass doesn’t need to add anything)

“The Trump administration has decided to double down on their anti-immigrant rhetoric and fear mongering. They believe it is an issue that’ll win them seats in November.

I see these images, and I can’t understand it. No one walks one thousand miles without desperate need. No one walks one thousand miles without obligation.

These parents are full filling a moral obligation to their children that far supersedes any other: the obligation to give them a chance at life.

If you don’t see your children in these pictures, I’d urge you to look closer.

These are our babies.


10/23/2018: Orange Hitler is unleashing even more repugnant, ignorant shit about immigrants than he did during his shitbag run for President. I guess he’s got to rile up his racist base so that they flock to the polls for the mid terms.

10/22/2018: Republikkkans love the military, right? I wonder how much those hypocritical assholes like military families getting separated by Orange Hitler’s evil policy. Of course the GOP base is pro military that they elected a draft dodger.

10/21/2018: Talk about some Tio Tomas shit: the Mexican government its uniformed thugs to assault a migrant caravan that was trying to reach the United States. Hey Mexico: how much did it take to get you to be race traitors? A few percentage points on the new trade deal?

10/20/2018: Orange Hitler is reaching out to Democratic leadership to help craft immigration legislation. On its face, that sounds positive and maybe it will turn out positive. But I can’t help think the most dishonest president in the history of the United States isn’t the most solid bet.

10/19/2018: In the Deep South, shockingly, voter suppression will not be deterred! I thought Chief Justice Roberts said the south has changed?

10/18/2018: Orange Hitler is threatening to deploy the military to halt a mighty force of undocumented refugees heading towards the Texas border. This is actually a proud American tradition: using brutal force to bend people of color to their will. Who says 45 doesn’t respect history?

10/17/2018: Orange Hitler’s shitbag scion thinks Beto O’Rourke is pretending to be Hispanic. As with everything any Orange Hitler clan member says, it is of course demonstrably false. I would say that the Orange Hitler clan is pretending to be human. And not doing a very good job.

10/16/2018: You wanna know what people who are not racist don’t do? They never post racist memes, jokes, or rants to social media. In a shocking development, yet another republikkkan politician is exposed for what they are and what their voters are: racist.

10/15/2018: One of Orange Hitler’s most despicable lieutenants has been abandoned by the state’s normally conservative newspaper, much to their credit. One of the reasons the paper cited for endorsing the Democratic candidate is this racist lieutenant’s obsession with neo-nazi groups. While I respect the editorial board’s endorsement, I believe there was an error in the paragraph concerning white nationalists groups. The authors claimed this lieutenant was obsessed with racist groups but failed to point out that his political party IS A RACIST GROUP. This is the party of the southern strategy, David Duke, very fine people on both sides, voter ID laws, inhumane immigration policies, and so much more.

10/14/2018: The candidate with the most support for the Republican nomination for president in 2020, once again, is orange Hitler aka Trump. After 2 years of transparently racist and corrupt and unethical and illegal behavior, the republican voting bloc still wants Trump back. As a minority please tell me why I should be open to ANY non-essential interactions with GOP voters?

10/13/2018: I would never encourage any food service professional to mess with a customer’s food. Even if that customer was the septic sore known as Stephen Miller, Trump’s chief Immigration Racist. Seriously food people of the world, don’t do anything to this waste of human shit. It would make me so sad.

10/12/2018: The Orange Hitler administration is again considering policies that would separate children from their parents. You gotta give it to this regime. They never give up. They reach the heretofore lowest level of amorality and they are not satisfied. They strive to go even lower.

10/11/2018: Orange hitler’s most recent appointment to what used to be a respected institution didn’t waste any time in fucking brown people by essentialIy backing a draconian law from 1996 that further screws immigrants. I hope you can’t look your minority friends in the eye Bernie Bro’s.

10/10/2018: In yet another example of republican “small government”, “fiscally responsible” policy and execution, Orange Hitler’s zero tolerance policy has completely failed to deport racist mogul’s goals AND severely impacted other agencies’ ability to do critical work. But their mouth breathing base still heartily supports them.

10/9/2018: Meanwhile in Virginia, the commonwealth where I was raised, the governor’s race features a sane human being on the Democratic side and a “neo-Confederate” (cowardly media enabling slang for racist). Of course the chief asshole civil war revisionist endorsed him from his very white administration. The slaver tried to hold a pro-ICE rally. But then decent Virginians showed up in force to protest. Maybe there is some hope. Maybe.

10/8/2018: Meanwhile, the idiot monster is still running homeland security. This is the same (redacted) that said there was no child separation policy despite her actually having signed a memo authorizing said separation. How does someone so stupid and unethical succeed? Oh wait – this is Earth.

10/7/2018: Ariel Dumas has my complete and unabiding support. She tweeted that she was glad “we” ruined Brett Kavanaugh’s life. I really do hope his life is ruined. I hope a whole lot for evil shit for his malignant ass. But sadly, he’s got the backing of 99% of the power and wealth of the country. Not to mention the right’s mouth breathing stormtroopers have threatened Dr. Ford’s life. I feel really bad that he won’t be able to coach his kids’ basketball games without having to worry his criminal, rapist heart of social ostracization. If you don’t think the GOP Reich getting their man on the court will further damage marginalized people (of which immigrants are certainly representative), then save yourself and blacklist this blog.

10/6/2018: This day has been coming since Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in late June. As a former refugee and naturalized citizen I’ve already begun researching new countries to call home. Kavanaugh is only another of this administration’s dogs. Another stormtrooper for the GOP, America’s Nazi party. Luckily I have dual citizenship and strong connections in multiple nations. For a few minutes today I was ashamed to be a citizen of the country of Alexander Hamilton. But I steered myself back My code. I constantly tell myself that expecting anything but disappointment from humanity (and Americans are definitely contenders for TRUE human beings) is a fool’s errand. But the old 80’s sitcom brainwashing and catholic horseshit dogma about the inherent goodness of people clouded my mind for a moment the last week or so. I used to never get why a pair of rich, famous guys like Phil Jackson and Harrison Ford lived in secluded areas of the country, far away from dense population centers. I haven’t wondered that in a long time. Fuck America and its racist, zombie (that’s not fair; zombies are egalitarian) horde of an electorate. I’m rambling. I’m not saying I’m rooting for an extinction level asteroid impact or bubonic plague level pandemic. I’m rooting for an asteroid full of every plague. Fuck America. Fuck the right. Fuck all this shit.

10/5/2018: Lets clear up some abortion bullshit. When the Kavanaugh buttressed (or whatever other neonazi rapist jurist gets appointed by TrumpHitler) Court outlaws abortion, the only people who aren’t going to be able to get safe abortions are poor people (More than a few refugees fall into that economic slice). Kavanaugh’s daughters will probably have one or more abortion each but some Toronto physician or discreet Washington D.C. area wealth sycophant with an M.D. will take care of it for them. Every time a poor woman dies from a botched, DIY abortion, I hope Susan Collin’s heart stops. I know. That’s crazy. You’d have to have a heart for it to stop.

10/4/2018: So the FBI report says alleged rapist Brett Kavanaugh did absolutely nothing wrong. I haven’t even been able to listen to any news today. Rapist Kavanaugh is no friend to immigrants. I know it’s crazy that yet another white GOP male doesn’t give a shit about anyone outside his tribe. I really gotta start looking into countries that are looking for immigrants. I’m completely embarrassed to be an Americana and even more embarrassed to be a Democrat. The left has been completely dominated by evil. But hey! While the country turns back to the middle ages, democratic politicians can take comfort that celebrities really like them.

10/3/2018: The GOP’s traditional masters (big business) also think orange hitler’s amoral immigration policies are terrible for the economy. I personally can’t believe a businessman who has multiple bankruptcies on his record cannot understand basic economic repercussions of idiotic evil.

10/2/2018: In another shocking development, a DHS watchdog report indicates that the orange hitler’s zero tolerance policy was severely defective from jump. But it does not really matter. 45’s mouth breathing masses do not care about facts.

10/1/2018: The orange motherfucker’s sadistic immigration policies have brought about tent cities for children. Nuff’ said.

9/30/2018: It’s no surprise that the party FOR sexual assault has unleashed a policy that particularly damages women.

9/29/2018: Just a reminder that the libtard cabal called the UN says Trump’s immigration policies amount to child torture. But what do they know? They just use facts and logic.

9/28/2018: Not an article from today but it’s important to remember the kind of repugnant people who are enforcing Trump’s repugnant policies. I guess his thugs try their best to emulate their master’s sexual crimes.

9/27/2018: I had a thought. It happens sometimes. Does the orange klansman have any stake in the private prisons that are forcing immigrants to do slave labor and housing children who are separated from their parents? Kind of. Two major private prison corporations (read: human rights violation factories) donated significantly to Grand Wizard Trump’s presidential campaign. That could not have possibly influenced the asshole’s decision to boost private prison usage, could it? Nah. Probably just a coincidence.

9/26/2018: An editorial by the libtard propaganda machine called The Washington Post. They employ such dastardly tactics such as reason, facts, and science. They slam the new Trump policy to deny permanent residence to poor people. They do it in a much more eloquent way than I do so that is why I’m pointing it out.

9/25/2018: “Those seeking to immigrate to the United States must show they can support themselves financially,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement. In case you need a translation, this means the Trump regime is saying ‘fuck you’ to any poor people, which, after all, is the republican way.

9/24/2018: Hey there, rep0ublikkkan voters (specifically the 99% of you that will need to rely on social security eventually)! Your orange overseer’s immigration policies are fucking with your ends. Hope that ramen diet treats you well when you’re in your twilight years. Assholes.

9/23/2018: I’m not a fighter. I’m a writer. I’m a shit talker. But I’m happy to report there are people out there fighting for immigrants. I hope I get to see decency (a rare trait in humanity) overcome this regime.

9/22/2018: In another horrific act, the Trump regime has decided to lower visas available for immigrants who are likely to need public assistance. To prey on the most vulnerable is the most repugnant posture possible.

9/21/2018: Federal officers have arrested dozens of undocumented immigrants who came forward to take care of undocumented immigrant children in government custody, and the Trump administration is pledging to go after more. There really isn’t anything I can add. When more than a third of the American electorate supports the architect of this cruelty, I don’t feel like making even a caustic joke.

9/20/2018: The thing is that the mouth breathing racists that take shelter and comprise the vast majority of the republikkkan voting base will never read this silly daily update of mine. If they did, they would label it fake news. They instead flock to grossly misleading clickbait memes because that reassures them that they are actually the good guys and Obama, who they seem to miss more than Democrats do, is the real American Satan.

9/19/2018: As with most things conceived by the American National Socialists (the GOP and Fuhrer Trump), there are evil corporations making a lot of money off jailing innocent children. Boycott them.

9/18/2018: Here is a very good person trying to raise funds for a good family that is being treated horribly by this horrible regime. Please check it out and donate if you can.

9/17/2018: The American Nazi Regime (commonly known as the Trump administration) has further reduced the amount of refugees that the United States will accept. They lowered it from 45,000 to 30,000. I really don’t see the need to reduce it incrementally. Grand Wizard Trump only cares about what his mouth breathing base likes so why doesn’t he just stop taking refugees altogether? America first, right?

9/16/2018: The republikkkan party likes to pump out its chest and claim its the party that’s strongest on security. Those weak-kneed libtards are gonna let all them brown folks from the middle east kill all of us! Turns out, the Trump regime, in an effort to fund their child torture program (child separation), transferred $169 million dollars away from national security programs to fund ICE immigrant detention efforts. I mean I’m sure that made it safer for all of us by holding back all those terrorist latino toddlers.

9/15/2018: In yet another absurdly sad turn to this epic, refugees are are dropping from aid programs (which help them survive with basic food and medicine) because they’re afraid the registers will lead to their deportation. Trump’s a Christian, allegedly, right?What happened to that whole “suffer the little children unto me” deal? Seems like starving the little children isn’t very good suffering.

9/14/2018: I don’t understand. This regime insists they are just following a Democratic Party enacted law. But shockingly, no administration before has locked up as many immigrant children. Seems like these novel results might indicate novel behavior.

9/13/2018: The paramilitary racism enforcement gang, officially known as ICE, is asking for more money to continue executing the orange monster regime’s crimes against humanity goals.

9/12/2018: Another bitterly enraging and depressing analysis of the traumatic effects of child separation.

I know you already know but I need you not to forget.

9/11/2018: Never forget…that the United States, as self-appointed policeman of the world, has caused directly and indirectly MILLIONS of deaths across the world in pursuit of capitalist ideology and colonialism. Don’t believe me? Google American military intervention in the 19th. 20th and 21st century. I’m happy to report that some POC families are punching back with the only thing Trump respects: money.

9/10/2018: Another horrible consequence video that shows what’s happening to innocent children thanks to the chief grand wizard of the United States and his klansmen.

9/9/2018: Take a listen to this podcast. It’s about a brutal military regime in 1970’s Argentina. Not only did they take children away from those they deemed enemies of the state, they would reunite the children with other family members because they were afraid those families should raise them to oppose the dictatorship.. eventually the junta ended and many of the monsters who were responsible for disappearing thousands were convicted of their crimes. Isn’t it great that this regime shares policy ideas with a totalitarian state? My only fear is that 45 will never gave any serious consequences.

9/8/2018: I haven’t asked my Republican parents what they would have done if the American immigration authorities had separated my sister and I from them when we fled to the United States and applied to be political refugees. I imagine they would feel no different than the refugees currently suffering this atrocity at the behest of 45’s shock troops.

9/7/2018: In a completely predictable development, the Trump amorality machine is now taking steps to circumvent court deadlines to reunite children. It’s really kind of impressive how this regime manages to add a new layer of evil to this effort so often.

9/6/2018: I’m not really impressed with this conservative resistance inside the white house. Not once in this opinion piece is a single mention of this regime’s horrific child separation policy. But the writer makes sure to note that: “The root of the problem is the president’s amorality. Anyone who works with him knows he is not moored to any discernible first principles that guide his decision making.” I don’t see how tearing children from their parents is anything but amoral. But apparently, this principled resister doesn’t think it ranks mentioning.

 9/5/2018: The man who will (mark my words) contribute to the nullification of reproductive rights for women, surprise, hasn’t been a friend to undocumented immigrants. Shocking, right?

9/4/2018: Good on Burning Man participants for pointing out corporate complicity with ICE. Money talks. Make yours heard.

9/3/2018: Today is Labor Day in the States. In honor of the good people who do the least appreciated work, who are often immigrants, documented and otherwise, please donate to SEIU. It’s an organization that is fighting for those with the least influence.

9/2/2018: Check out the PBS Frontline episode on the Trump regime separation abomination. The more you know, the more you should get angry. The more you get angry, the more likely you are going to do something concrete. Every action, no matter how small, lodged against that monstrous policy, is significant.

9/1/2018: UNICEF explains the Keep Families Together Act. It’s worth a read. Contact your representative. Donate. Protest. Every bit helps.

8/31/2018: A thoroughly depressing review of Trump-made atrocity. I know it’s the New York Times and only us libtards read it. And they have this terrible habit of using facts and intelligent reporting. They’re no Fox News – thank f*cking god.

8/30/2018: It wasn’t enough for these racist, evil motherfuckers to abuse refugees and tear families apart refugees. Now they are trying to illegally and immorally invalidate passports of ACTUAL citizens just because they are Hispanic. Just when you think this regime can’t go lower, they sink below. God, I fucking hate these assholes.

8/29/2018: Some tips on how everyone can fight back against this regime’s amoral enterprises. RESIST!

8/28/2018: Echoes of his comments on Trayvon Martin, Obama asserts what every parent should: That these children separated from their parents at the border could be his children. Empathy does not exist with the current regime.

8/27/2018: Just another editorial summing up the litany of evil perpetrated by this regime against the most vulnerable. Please visit Justice In Motion. They are trying to right a bit of these horrific wrongs.

8/26/2018: this racist regime really doesn’t like refugees – not just children but adults, too. They’re letting less and less refugees into the country. Democrats are fighting but they don’t have much leverage. If anyone tried to tell you that the GOP is the lesser of two evils, you should just stop discussing politics with them. You might wanna consider not discussing anything else with them.

8/25/2018: Separated children taken in by foster parents are waking up screaming in the middle of the night. My dream is that some day, every day, as Trump grows older and fatter and even more stupid, he will be plagued with horrific nightmares. Hopefully they will plague him so much that he will want to end his despicable life. Yeah, I said it. I mean it. He’s a raging narcissist so wouldn’t that end be appropriate?

8/24/2018: a bipartisan report concludes that the Trump regime’s zero tolerance policy has exacerbated an already terrible situation. The only shock here is that both parties actually came together to do something. Only this administration’s evil and incompetence could make that happen.

8/23/2018: Apparently the regime’s private prison merchants are not satisfied with being paid to tear human rights away. They are also forcing immigrant detainees to work for free, violating human trafficking laws. So besides traumatizing children for life in a reprehensible policy, they are also bringing back slavery. Well, one of the most famous recent Republican losers, Roy Moore, openly pined for the good old days of the antebellum south.

8/22/2018: The Daily never aired their 2nd part of their expose on the child separation abomination. But because two of Herr Trump’s storm troopers had rough day in court, the Times had to have the Daily have an episode discussing the developments. I really hope this is the beginning of the end for this regime. But that assumes the people and Republican elected officials of this country have any kind of decency. I’m not holding my breath.

8/21/2018: Here’s Part 1 of a story from The Daily, a New York Times podcast. Not that anyone who isn’t a stupid piece of shit doesn’t already know this, but this evil was 100% born of Trump and his henchmen and all their lies and obfuscation just add an evil cover up to an evil policy from an evil organization. And this podcast shines a light on it.

8/20/2018: A mother had her two sons taken away from her because ICE records say she is a gang member. But El Salvador’s government says she is not. To top off this incompetence, the ICE pieces of shot separated the two brothers from each other and one is autistic. Thanks a lot, white folks.

8/19/2018: So things must be getting better now that the Trump regime has been forced by courts to reunite children, right? Wrong. More kids are separated from their parents. You couldn’t write a novel with this much evil and incompetence. 

8/18/2018: Sometimes people are not terrible. A bunch of folks are donating their frequent flyer miles to those victimized by Trump’s evil.

8/17/2018: This is not a recent development but I would not forgive myself if I didn’t mention one of the choices examples of shit to come out of maybe the nastiest cunt on the planet: Ann Coulter, who we all hope looks like she does because she is dying from some horrifically painful disease, said the children separated from their parents at the border were actors. I know she’s just spouting ludicrous things to give her mouth breathing fan base more to lust over but I really can’t wait till she’s dead so I can shit on her grave.

8/16/2018: To a child, this is the equivalent of a Sophie’s Choice:

“In a shelter on Long Island, Nico has been forced to make a decision much too traumatic for any 14-year-old: return to Guatemala and risk death, or stay in the U.S. to pursue relief and potentially never see his parents again.”

What kind of person enacts a policy that results in this kind of evil? No kind of person. Only a vile monster would do so. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when a monster does monstrous things.

8/15/2018: in a SHOCKING development, it turns out the Republican architect of the childhood, Stephen Miller, is a GIANT immigration hypocrite.

8/14/2018: A photo and text essay of various components of the border crisis. I imagine sh*tbag 45 must enjoy flipping through photos of children crying and border patrol stormtroopers spreading fear and pain.

8/13/2018: I couldn’t find anything new and horrific after a quick search on this subject so I’m pushing because they’re fighting against these monsters from this amoral regime.

8/12/2018: A toddler wants to die after being separated and subsequently reunited with his father. Sounds like a great summer camp experience to me.

8/10/2018: A judge threatened to hold racist asshole piece of shit Sessions in contempt because his thugs tried to remove a girl from her mother while an appeal was still in process. They aren’t even bothering to try and follow the f*cked up laws and policies they have instituted. I’m praying for the Mexican government to take away Sessions’ grandchildren.

8/9/2018: A toddler died shortly after leaving an ICE detention center. The private contractor basically denied all responsibility and said ICE was in charge of medical care. ICE hasn’t commented. I’m sure the toddler’s death has NOTHING to do with being traumatically detained in a jail with government jack booted thugs as his medical stewards. This regime and their uniformed killers deserve to burn in Hell.

8/8/2018: So the Gesta-er-I mean ICE mother*ckers are cranking the air conditioning to extreme levels so detained asylum seekers are freezing. The ICE mother*ckers even take away any extra blankets from people so they only get one blanket which is not enough. In a sworn statement, “Maria’s 4-year-old son had become “very sick” because of the cold, it notes.” I’d like to throw these ICE mother*ckers in a freezer and forget to come back.

8/7/2018: I know it’s wrong to revel in the schadenfreude of a Trump supporter’s wife being deported. Or is it just karma? 

8/6/2018: In a Virginia detention center, Inhumane treatment such as “children as young as 14 stripped naked, shackled, strapped to chairs, their heads encased in bags, left for days or longer in solitary confinement, and in some cases beaten and bruised”. Even younger children were subjected to equal or worse treatment in a detention center in Texas.

What did these kids do to deserve this?

8/5/2018: The song goes that you should accentuate the positive. I’m not about that life. 37% of Americans are down with the separation policy. These are your neighbors.

8/4/2018: Ivana says the separation of children from their parents at the border was a low point for her. I’m sure it was very hard to deal with the situation while her three children sit comfortably by her in her mansion. 

8/3/2018: The Trump regime wants the ACLU to find the parents who were deported without their children. It’s one thing to be evil, which Trump and his dogs are. It’s another to cause great immoral damage and try to force an organization with a fraction of its resources and no liability to undo their evil.

8/2/2018: Apparently, HHS warned the Trump administration that separating kids at the border was a bad idea. The most surprising thing about this story is that there was an actual Trump official who had the IQ high enough to realize this.

8/1/2018: A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same

Thiago, left, plays with a relative. Once partial to playing with impish yellow Minions, he now amuses himself by re-enacting Border Patrol agents patting down and shackling migrants. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times

7/31/2018: So they’re dosing kids now. Can’t imagine why a kid would need a sedative in an allegedly safe and healthy environment. Laura Ingraham says the centers are like summer camps. People on Fox News on fair and balanced, right?

Funny thing is…I don’t remember needing meds when I went to summer camp.

7/30/2018: Most of the light has been shined on families being separated and those who are still separated. It’s important to remember that children who have been reunited with their families have been severely traumatized.

“One little girl, Meybelin, who is now back in El Salvador with her father after more than a month of separation in an Arizona detention center won’t let him out of her sight.”

“If she doesn’t see me for a second,” her father explains, “she says, ‘Daddy where are you?’”

I’m slowly counting to ten. I’m taking deep breaths. I’m repeating my mantra.

What I really want to do I am not going to write down.

7/29/2018: Treating children like trash. ‘Nuff said.

7/28/2018: It’s ok everybody! The Trump regime’s very best family uniter has notified us that all the “eligible” families have been unified and they have met the court-ordered deadline.

I’ll let my favorite Republican character Jack Donaghy summarize my thoughts:

“Rich, white men have been creating and solving problems for centuries. Where’s our history month?”

Sadly, that “joke” is really how things are. They are how things have always been and you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think they will always be this way.

7/27/2018: I don’t believe my usual commentary is needed for this update. I’ll generally make light of any horrific thing but I’m not feeling that today. You can read the full story here. I personally cannot believe haphazardly built and staffed concentration camps for children resulted in unforeseen and horrific consequences.

7/25/2018: in a mind boggling display of evil, the Trump SS (or ICE as they are legally known) may have deported hundreds of parents WITHOUT THEIR KIDS. Just when I think this regime can’t go any lower, they exceed my expectations. Bravo!

7/23/2018: be careful what you wish for… remind me not to complain about no new fresh updates on this story. .It turns out haphazardly constricted kiddie jails staffed by racist and xenophobic government thugs don’t constitute the best living environment.

7/20/2018: on the home pages of The Washington Post and The New York Times, there is not one single article or opinion piece on the separation of children from undocumented immigrants. This story first broke in May and I’m not criticizing the papers for featuring new stories. This just feels like the American populace’s goldfish sized memory has played right into the standard Republican playbook that’s employed after any incident that’s embarrassing to the GOP. This play is called just wait and they’ll forget. Hell, it’s worked for all the mass shootings. And I get that rage is not something that can be sustained for long periods for most people. I guess the update here is that it bummed me out that there is no update.

7/11/2018: In a shocking article, anti-immigration sentiment, championed by the conservative White right, is based on racial resentment.

7/4/2018: Today is Independence Day in the United States of America. An amoral fucker named thomas jefferson  wrote the document that declared the 13 colonies’ freedom from the British Empire. The bit that I wanna focus on goes like this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” What does this have to do with Trump brand concentration camps? Well it says “All men,” right? It doesn’t say just men who are citizens of the United States, right? It doesn’t say “except for undocumented immigrants,” right? And then there’s that bit about “pursuit of happiness”. I get there are people out there who don’t like their kids. But they’re a relatively small subset. And I think it’s safe to say that not every father whose had his child or children taken from him by ICE agents hates their children. Sure, maybe some do. But let’s say it’s not 100%. So I guess this country, now that many parents have NOT all been reunited with their children and it looks less and less likely that they will be, is not really living up to this propaganda statement. These men who have been separated from their children certainly look to be impeded from their pursuit of happiness (oh and that liberty thing, too). If you consider the amoral, racistcowardlyhypocriticalraping human fecal matter who wrote these noble words and you consider the grotesque crimes he committed and protected, you begin to realize these words are nothing more than empty slogans.

7/3/2018: Sessions, one of Trump’s dogs, recently decided that asylum seekers, while waiting for their extremely long review process to be completed, cannot seek work. It’s ok. Most of these asylum seekers are probably independently wealthy people or have access to family in the United States that can host them and pay for all their living expenses. Those seekers were stealing jobs that should be going to real Americans, right? Do you have any idea how many real Americans are desperately trying to get work picking crops on farms? It’s a crisis!

6/24/2018: Trump calls undocumented immigrants invaders. “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our country,” trump tweeted. (See screen following screen capture in case the human fecal stain decides to delete the tweet – who am I kidding – that would require shame or remorse.) Yeah, those armies of children monstrous swarm ready to flow into our sacred land steal all the education and welfare from the poor, marginalized white ruling class.

6/22/2018 (b): Melania Stays On Message, Which Is: Fuck People of Color

6/22/2018: Here’s a detailed explanation of Trump’s executive order. Like most legal documents, it is open to interpretation and promises little. And as is common with this regime, it does not address all the salient issues as one would expect a competently written document to do. Further, if we care to interpret the intent and spirit of the order to indeed attempt to put an end to child separation, even in cases when parents are criminally charged, it’s curious to me why the pentagon was ordered to prepare itself to shelter 20,000children. Obama did the same thing on a smaller scale. But if the vaguely announced intent of this regime is to keep families together why isn’t the pentagon being ordered to make room for adults as well? Like I wrote yesterday, this order is just a legal document, historically one of the weakest and most transgressed ways to keep a promise.

6/21/2018: Trump, in a miraculous development, and despite his statements to the contrary, has ordered his henchmen to stop prosecuting families, thereby effectively ending their terror experiment (probably – I don’t give much credence to a piece of paper until I see it executed).

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