An Apology To The American Electorate

I often rail against the American electorate. They elected Donald Trump and they re-elected George W. Bush. They flipped a Democratic house and senate and replaced it with patently racist Tea Party stormtroopers. Those are the just some of the latest greatest hits.

Some people are celebrating the house turning blue again and the huge gain in statewide offices by Democratic candidates. Victory! That’s what the left is shouting. We are fighting back agains the monster that is Orange Hitler and his henchpeople.

You know what I say to the American voters who changed from voting Republikkkan to voting Democrat this time around?

Fuck you.

Your votes for Trump and his congressional cronies has profoundly damaged this country. The judicial branch is being populated with idiots who believe we should interpret a document as elitist, slave holding, wealthy white men from the 18th century would. Not to mention your vote for Orange Hitler ushered in the separation of refugee children from their parents. Those children, per many childhood mental health experts, are going to be scarred for life. Abortion and gay marriage and discrimination by religions in the name of “religious freedom” are now all in play.

And now you want a pat on the back because you realized you elected a monster and his ilk? Orange Hitler didn’t hide who he was when he was campaigning. He was openly racist, stupid, violent, bigoted, cruel, and vulgar.

You can’t wring your hands and claim you had no idea this was coming.

Again. Fuck you.

But wasn’t this supposed to be an apology to the American electorate.

Yes. But not for the blue wave.

I’ve attacked the American for their stupidity and capriciousness many times. And some might interpret that as me singling this particular electorate out as particularly or supremely awful.

I apologize if that impression was conveyed.

My 5 readers know I don’t just hate the American electorate. I hate humanity writ large. I think all people are terrible. Some are just less terrible.

That applies to electorates as well. The following countries are just some examples of the wave of far right parties surging in power in countries across the globe:















Just to name a few. The problem is the endless cycle of electoral stupidity. When left wing governments run things, the government eventually becomes corrupt or fails to govern well. This is because governments are made of people who are all terrible. The electorate gets mad at the left wing government and votes in the opposite: the right wing. Because they aren’t going to fuck them like they did before. And before. And before.

This is a vast oversimplification but it’s accurate at its core. Most people are terrible idiots who are easily fooled by terrible politicians. It’s not a phenomenon unique to the United States. And I deeply regret if I gave that impression.

I don’t just hate you, America.

I hate the world, too.

See. I told you it was an apology.


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