F*ck Catholicism: Part 5 in an Ongoing Series: Pope Francis Holds Up Dignity


The story broke this morning that the Holy See (read beloved and PR savvy Pope Francis) told the American bishops to hold off on implementing very modest controls related to identified sexual predators among the clergy. The party-er-papal line is that the Vatican wants to present a unified policy and statement at the international conference of bishops in February of 2019.

On its face, that seems reasonable. A priest raping a child in the Manila should face the same punishment as a priest raping a child in Chicago. Of course, this reeks of lawyers. The church does not want to hand over authority on punishing its pedophile rapists to civil authorities. Think that’s conjecture? Here’s what the French bishop said after it was announced that the American bishops had to hold off on implementing these changes:

“Assistance is both welcome and necessary, and surely collaboration with the laity is essential. However, the responsibility as bishops of this Catholic Church is ours.”

Translation: we’ll handle our rapists in-house. Y’all can offer suggestions but we retain the right to cover up ad protect serial child rapists, as we’ve been doing for centuries.

How is this position still espoused after the Pennsylvania abuse indictment? Or, you know, after any of the dozens of horrific rape sprees committed by the catholic church all over the world were revealed?

I used to think the republikkkan party was the most tone-deaf organization. But at least 45%+ of the american electorate supports their policies. I don’t think you’ll get to 45% supporting child rape.

But that’s just a guess. The american electorate always surprises me with how low they can go so I guess there should be a poll conducted.





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