Pride Crashes


We’ve all been there. You’re driving. You DEFINITELY have the right of way. A giant asshole pulls out into traffic and unless you hit the brakes, you are going to slam into him. Legally, you would not be at fault. You would be right. He would be wrong.

But then your car would be destroyed and you might even die. But hey you’d be a vindicated dead guy. That’s gotta be worth a couple laughs over a drink at a cocktail party in hell, right?

Throughout my life, I’ve often chosen to be right. I’ve blown up very close friendships because I was right. Looking back now, I realize I made a stupid choice. I’ve made many stupid choices.

Like most binary situations, you have to weight two options. I’ve realized that pride has often put its fucked up thumb on the scale for these choices many times. After I make the stupid choice, Pride sidles up next to me, pats me on the back and reassures me that I am noble and principled.

Then pride leaves.

And I don’t have that good friend anymore.

Pride won’t be your friend.

Don’t let it be.




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