In The Nightmare, I Have A Question

Why did Jamal Khashoggi go into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul if he was afraid something might happen? His wife has stated that he gave her his cell phones and told her to call one of his contacts in the Saudi government if he did not emerge from the building.

So if he at least considered the possibility of danger why did he enter?

This was not a man who was unfamiliar with the Saudi royal family. He was an advisor to one of their high officials and a semi official spokesman for the Saudi embassy in Washington.

So, more than most people, he probably knew what the royal family was capable of.

Or maybe “was” is the key word.

Maybe Mohammed Bin Salman is a new level of evil that Khashoggi had not seen before in his dealings and knowledge of these particular autocrats.

Maybe he did the calculus and decided that it was safe enough to enter. He was a man in love, presumably, as he handed his property to his fiancé. And he had her stay out (though maybe her entry was not an option). But the combination of his decision to enter and leave behind his phones with darkly foreboding instructions certainly did not indicate full confidence.

I’m inclined to believe the new head of the Saudi family is bigger monster than we have seen run this theocracy before. But then again I’m certain the royal family has had many killed but they did a fair share of it before the white hot spotlight of the 24/7 information media.

There’s a lot more to say about this amoral tour de force. I have more questions as I imagine many do. But this is enough for me at least for now.

Ok I’ll fire one anti-American blast because I can’t help myself: Trump and his minions are moving very slowly to condemn their middle eastern henchmen. This is a proud American tradition of protecting their most vicious foreign allies. I’d love to say this is some new base level of evil being perpetrated by Orange Hitler but saying so would be a naked disavowal of centuries of American immoral foreign policy.


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