Same Old Same Old

I haven’t written an original blog post (other than adding to my protest posts and a new daily funny animal) in about two weeks. I’ve been suffering with some self-inflicted medical and financial problems (or for me that’s called Tuesday). I’m planning a big-time comeback so don’t you worry my five loyal readers! But I saw some shit that I just could not wait on.

The republikkans are trying to smear a journalist who was killed at the order of the ruler of Saudi Arabia (fuck your bullshit denials).

They did the same shit with Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Whenever a tepublikkan or likeminded monster kills a person of color, they do this. Their hope, transparent and pathetic as it is, is to make the murderer seem justified in his actions.

This is amorality at its apex.

But I’ll play along for a minute.

Let’s say all the shit they said about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and Jamal Khashoggi were and are ALL TRUE. So that means republikkkans and their tribe think extrajudicial killing is an acceptable punishment for writing columns critical of an autocratic regime or stealing from a convenience store or walking in your own fucking neighborhood?

That seems a bit excessive.

Oh their lives were in danger with Martin and Brown? Who started that shit with Trayvon? Where was the cod taser with Brown? And I’m supposed to believe the brutal Saudi regime was threatened so much by a journalist that they had to kill him?

People say I’m too strident.

I’m too militant.

I’m just plain wrong.

I feel pretty fucking solid about getting furious because some motherfucking evil Assholes MURDER people and then have the audacity to badmouth the dead. If that is militant and strident and unreasonable and wrong then I do not want to be right.



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