White People Discover Why Police Shoot

Radiolab and the Tampa Bay Times have partnered to release a 2 part report entitled Shots Fired. It’s an examination by well meaning and professional journalists on the causes behind police shootings.

I’ve listened to it.

I didn’t have to.

I’ll save you some time watching it. This is why pigs shoot people: cops are barely educated, steroid raging racists*.

Don’t come at me with that shit about most pigs being good. As soon as I hear or read about a single police union or “good” cop publicly condemning** a unwarranted police shooting, I’ll be happy to call that entity or individual “good”. Till then, fuck them.

But by all means, Radiolab is a great podcast so the full two part investigation is worth a listen!

Happy Thursday!

*Yes, blue thugs shoot whites, too. And the cops even have some uncle toms gunning down people, too. Yay for diversity! But don’t get it twisted. Police are THREE TIMES as likely to kill a black person as a white one. So yeah, fuck them.



On Eric Garner, who was killed over selling loose cigarettes: “Tackling Mr. Garner may have also caused him to not be able to breathe,” the letter reads. “We also feel that Mr. Garner was not placed in a chokehold. The fact that he states eleven times that he can’t breathe proves he was actually breathing.”


On Philando Castile: “The governor’s statement insinuates that law enforcement is racist and it’s absolutely inaccurate and inappropriate,” said Titus. “It’s outrageously insulting. One would think that a governor especially would know to wait until the facts are in before making a judgment.”


On Tamir Rice: “We can only hope the Rice family and their attorneys will use a portion of this settlement to help educate the youth of Cleveland in the dangers associated with the mishandling of both real and facsimile firearms,” the statement read. “Something positive must come from this tragic loss. That would be educating youth of the dangers of possessing a real or replica firearm.”


The Columbia Police Officers Association’s (CPOA) Facebook post Sunday commemorating “Darren Wilson Day” called him “an innocent, but persecuted, officer,” The Columbia Daily Tribune first reported.


On Freddie Gray: “The criminals are taking advantage of the situation in Baltimore since the unrest. Criminals feel empowered now. There is no respect. Police are under siege in every quarter. They are more afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs properly than they are of getting shot on duty,” union president Lieutenant Gene Ryan said in a statement.


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