You Think You Know Somebody(place)

ancients.jpgWe’ve been inundated with so many images of Paris, a city that seems to have been painted by the most refined master, and Rome, a beautiful chaos that accommodates the new and classical in haphazard brilliance, that we think we know them even if we’ve never set foot within their boundaries. They are often the trendy traveler’s last notion; viewed as the least creative or interesting destinations.

I felt the same way. I decided to visit out of a personal duty to cultural relativity but I fully expected to experience nothing relevant.

But I was wrong.  I was so, so happily wrong,

Find yourself walking on any path in either metropolis and you will be overcome with so many gorgeous, unique details. The neighborhoods that shoulder these towns simultaneously straddle the tread upon and the newborn. You cannot see them unless your feet are firmly planted on their grounds.

If you can, go. As soon as you can.

And take me with you.




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