My Fellowship

fellow.jpgThis is not going to be a long post (famous last words).

Part of the twelve step jargon is calling the community of people in the program a “fellowship”.  As I am a card-carrying geek-dork, I immediately flash to:


Someone said it in Monday night’s meeting and I suppressed a giggle…because I’m apparently 12 years old.

But there are no hobbits.

Or Elves.

Or wizards.

Or rangers (well maybe an Army Ranger).

Or princes.

There are just regular folks in the struggle. And I love that they have the balls to come to a group and air their darkest monsters. Saruman has nothing on the slippery, mind-wrecking beast that shoves its dirty hands into an addict’s soul.

Even though there is silly Tolkienesque jargon in the program, the true, best part of the endeavor really is the people. There is no price you can put on not feeling alone. And there are no people I respect more than those who expose their hearts to judgment.




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