School of Rock

schRock.jpgSchool of Rock is a story about Dewey Finn (Jack Black), a lead guitarist that gets jettisoned by his band after too many twenty minute solos and prima donna stage dives. Faced with a rent payment, Dewey has to take a job as a substitute teacher at a snobby private elementary school. Initially content with letting the kids have all day recess, he finds out they can play music. With his students’ help, Dewey sets out to prove his ex-bandmates made a terrible mistake. The result made me laugh so hard I peed a little.

If you’re going to this flick, you may have seen High Fidelity, the film which brought Jack Black’s comic stylings to the indie movie fan multitudes. Just imagine the energy and mayhem of the following scene in EVERY scene:

No one can rant like JB about classic rock and the debacle that MTV has visited on modern music. This is Black’s second leading role (the first was in the ass boil of a movie called Shallow Hal). But this time the filmmakers let Jack go wild. The co-founder of Tenacious D, the self-appointed greatest band in the world, was born for rock comedy.

You say that may be too much Jack for you? Don’t worry. The kids were fantastic counterparts. They played the perfect “straight men” to Black’s hysteria. And they provided the requisite “aww” moments and life lessons in this comedy without being disgustingly sweet.

A minute does not go by in this film that does not produce a from the gut laugh. Don’t cut class.

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