Tequila Sunrise


Written and directed by Robert Towne, the man who, according to many film experts, wrote Chinatown, the “perfect script”. This “thriller” stars Mel Gibson (way before he had his anti-semitic coming out party), Kurt Russell, Raul Julia and Michelle Pfeifer. It’s a love triangle (how rare) with drugs and a lot of money and international thugs. The actors are fine (nothing inspiring, nothing horrifying) but this movie pales in comparison to his earlier scripts. There is nothing special about this movie. It was released in 1988 and formula was already firmly entrenched in big-budget Hollywood offerings. The only bright spot is Raul Julia’s charisma but he doesn’t appear until the last third of the movie. One interesting supporting character does not a good movie make. It’s not even a bad movie. It’s worse: it’s a bland movie. Don’t go out and order this drink.

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