Roger Dodger

rogThere is nothing bland about Roger Dodger. It stars Campbell Scott, son of the late, great George C. Scott. It is a story about a 15-year-old high school dork (Jesse Eisenberg) who has, shock, trouble with girls. He takes the extraordinary step of running away from his home in Ohio so that he can go visit his uncle Roger in New York City. Uncle Roger, of course, has the reputation of being a ladies man. In the opening scene, ala Reservoir Dogs, the principal character wows his lunch companions with funny, brazen intellectual theorizing about the world’s favorite subject: sex. From this, we know this character has verbal game and smarts. Nick surprises Roger at work and the uncle agrees to show him the ropes (how to get chicks). It’s a no holds barred, fuck civility instruction in the art of getting women home so you can fuck them. It’s filled with razor-sharp dialogue, hilarious one-liners and some chilling and uncomfortable scenes that reveal Roger’s ugly flaws. In the end, it is up to the viewer to decide if Roger has really changed or if it’s too late or not enough to justify his unapologetically misogynistic behavior. For me, I didn’t care if he changed or not. I just thought he was damn funny because he said things that were true. They were true and they were ugly and they were hilarious but they aren’t what everybody likes to think of our society and it’s approach to dating. This is something you should own so that whenever you get a Hallmark card, you can watch this and remember that our ids are a lot more influential than we would like them to be.

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