Farenheit 9/11


Aside from Spider-Man 2, this was the “it” movie of the 2004 summer. Depending on which side of the political debate you sit on, you will automatically come into this film with a severe bias. I’m a leftist and I’m happily, 100% biased. The movie itself is a direct attack against the Bush administration, the 2000 election, their preparation for 9/11, their reaction to 9/11, and their attack against Iraq. Looking back on it now in 2018, anyone with half a brain can see Moore was 100% correct. This movie labels itself as a documentary but it is clearly not a documentary. It’s an indictment and history has tried and convicted these perpetrators. The only part I wasn’t cool with was when Moore threw up a picture of someone smoking pot to characterize the Netherlands and played stereotypical Mariachi music to characterize Honduras. Does Michael Moore assume that each Honduran and each Dutch person is a stereotype or even agreed with their government’s decision to join the American Coalition? I doubt a conservative documentarian would get away with using those kind of stereotypes. As an audio-visual op-ed piece, it succeeds in trumpeting its point. Is Sicko worth watching?

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