F*ck Catholicism: Part 4 In an Ongoing Series: The Pennsylvania Grand Jury

What’s the difference between a Catholic priest and a zit? A zit will wait until you’re twelve before it comes on your face.

A priest and a rabbi run out of a burning church and the Priest says “what about the children” the rabbi says “f… the children” and the Priest says “do you think we’ll have time?”

Did you hear about the new Exorcist movie? The Devil came to get the Priest out of the child.

Whats the difference between a Silver Medal and a Priest? They both came in a little behind.

I know it looks like I’m making light of the atrocities committed and hidden by the Catholic Church. But I’m not. I’m illustrating that it’s such a wide phenomenon that there are TONS of jokes about it.

The most recent and high profile Catholic atrocity takes place in Pennsylvania. It’s bad I have to specify WHICH locality it is but to say the scandal involving Catholic priests raping children wouldn’t be specific enough to properly differentiate it.

Here are some lowlights from the grand jury report:

•300 molesters

•1000 victims

•70 years of cover up

And get this: the grand jury got most of their data from THE CHURCH’S OWN DOCUMENTS. This is just one state which represents a tiny percentage of the 1 billion plus currently on earth. Of course many other countries and states have uncovered this particular brand of Catholic evil as well.

But how many hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands have been molested or raped or abused by Catholic clergy before the 20th century when we didn’t have the type of media we have today.

The Catholic Church is a repugnant organization. It has greatly harmed millions of people in psychological and physical ways since its very inception. And get this – most of these crimes reported in Pennsylvania wont get prosecuted because of the statute of limitations.

So these robed monsters, who pretend to be holy and are the complete amoral opposite, get off scott Free (and probably get to retire to the Vatican).

Some final notes – some tips in the iceberg:

•children abused in hospital rooms

•children as young as 18 months olds

•children tortured

•One abuse victim met with a bishop to report abuse. The bishop asked how many times he was assaulted. The victim said 15 times. The bishop replied: you’re lucky, it’s usually a lot more times.

And to top it off, if you could get even worse, the current bishops have the gall to whine that they don’t get any credit for not raping children since the first scandals were revealed in 2002.

And to top the top: there are records that show church officials tried to stop the grand jury report from being released at all. They were, amazingly, covering up the cover up.

I really do hope Catholicism is right about the existence of Hell because anyone involved in any of this from now until the beginning of this evil organization deserved to rot and burn there.

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