That’s Me In The Corner Losing My Misconception

I sit in the very back row in the very back corner when I go to my twelve step program. Usually that gets me at least one chair between me and any other human beings. I don’t like most human beings. I think most of them are terrible. But I will say that my fellow twelve steppers are some of the least terrible people I know. We’re all Assholes and I respect those who come clean about it.

But I like my little serene corner with my little bit of private space.

But today we have a full house and this guy sat next to me. He was middle aged, unshaven, wearing a grimy t-shirt, cargo shorts, and beat up sneakers. And all of those things wouldn’t bother me really if he wasn’t covered in a shiny veneer of sweat and SMELLED SOMETHING TERRIBLE.

What kind of gross dude goes to a public meeting





…wearing grubby, dirty clothes


…visibly sweating


…and reeking of BO


I’ve never been a fan of mirrors; the reflective or human kind.

Maybe I like to think I’m better than the rest of my fellow meeting attendees and that’s why I looked down on this fellow. But I don’t believe that at all.

I can’t even talk about my rock bottom because I think they’ll all hate me and scorn me and kick me out of the program. I know logically they’ve probably heard a lot worse. But emotionally I’m so ashamed of my rock bottom that I’ve only told a handful of people about it.

And I’m sure AF not gonna tell y’all.

I guess the point of this random post is that sometimes I forget who I’ve become.

I’m grateful that the universe punched me in the mouth tonight.

I am not above.

I am below.

Who knows where I’ll end up.

Regardless, I should shower tomorrow.

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