The Village

aaaa-top-pictureM. Night Shyamalan’s fourth offering is an example of fine cinematography, lean dialogue, rich atmosphere and acceptable acting. What it is ‘not’ is a good movie. I cannot tell you the grand twist in this movie (even though it is pretty old – I’m just a spoiler alert purist) but I can tell you that there is nothing grand about it. I was left with the feeling that Mr. Shyamalan was pretty damn lazy or thought way too much of his writing abilities. This was also a movie that was advertised as a horror movie ala Sixth Sense. That movie scared me shitless. Unbreakable never claimed to be horror so that one is irrelevant. Signs made you jump plenty of times. They delivered on their marketing promise. The Village barely elevated my pulse. The tense, “oh shit”, moments were few and father between than in any of his previous fright offerings. Again, it’s a reasonably well-done film, you know, except for the incredibly lame twist at the end. I guess it does speak to the movie’s build up quality because I was so disappointed with the payoff. The director with one of the most famous twist endings in modern film history turns in one of the worst.  It takes a village but don’t bother checking this one out.

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