The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

Manchurian Candidate, TheI’ve railed against the remake before and I’ll rail against it again. There are thousands of scripts floating out there and more of them are quality than most studio executives would have you believe. Why do we have to keep dragging the glorious film past into the future? That said, this update, starring the always stellar Denzel Washington, was a pleasant surprise. It didn’t match the creepiness or quality of the original. But the specter of crooked multinationals and twisted politicians hits a nerve more so now than it probably ever has. Director Jonathan Demme (RIP) keeps the movie going forward but it’s pretty obvious where it’s going. That was one thing that the original did not suffer from. In today’s Hollywood climate, predictability is the master that pervades even the most noble intentions. Despite all that, it’s an eerie, timely thriller that will keep you interested. This is a Candidate you can support.

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