The Bourne Supremacy

2397_4The Bourne Identity was a welcome respite from the schlocky, glitzy bullshit spy thrillers of that particular summer (James Bond, a franchise gone stale and Triple X, a franchise that will hopefully never get that chance to). What I, and most people, seemed to love about the Bourne Identity is the same thing people love about Batman. He does amazing things but he seems grounded in gritty reality. Throw in a typically strong performance by Matt Damon and you have a sure fire formula for success. The Bourne Supremacy takes off where Identity left off. In the first 15 minutes of the film, a plot bomb is dropped, letting the moviegoer know that this is not a franchise that plans to play by the typical rules. It includes another classic car chase and more solid acting by Damon’s supporting cast. And the action set pieces are on par with its predecessor. Despite the name, the first in the trilogy still reigns supreme but this one still rocks.

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