Kiss Me Deadly


Another classic film (or at least an old film) directed by Robert Aldrich (and adapted from another Mickey Spillane novel). Fine acting, a decent story line and Mike Hammer, THE man’s man, for a protagonist. How can you not be with the name MIKE HAMMER? Look at this baller:

IMG0032.tifThere is no dialogue wasted with this Private Dick. It’s amazing how much can be said without saying anything at all. It’s something that modern filmmakers don’t do very often. Either dialogue is long and sloppy or there’s hardly any so the foreign box office doesn’t suffer from excessive subtitles. Hammer pursues a nebulous prize inside another nebulous box and we all want to see what’s inside. Unlike in Belle du Jour, the director gives in to the audience and we get to see the object of desire in what is definitely a tonally harsh climax. I can’t tell you what happens in the end because I’m not a spoiler. But imagine if you were watching To Kill a Mockingbird and the verdict was about to be read after that stirring courtroom drama and in jumps Spiderman to kick the judge’s ass and all the evil accusers in the movie. You would be pretty shocked. And it would not seem right. It’s a fine example of the noir genre (well, except for the atonal ending). If that’s your thing, get to streaming.

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