I, Robot

i-robot-eyes-cropIsaac Asimov’s great work of science fiction, which I have not read (it’s on the list, I promise – at the list’s current size I should get to it when 102 years old), is brought to the big screen with Will Smith, once Mr. Blockbuster, at its core. The effects are top notch. The acting surrounding Smith is serviceable. Smith himself just plays himself…yet again. He has adopted the “Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro” school of acting where you just go out and flash your “brilliant” personality and that should be enough. For a sci-fi action flick, I guess it is enough. The action set pieces were well done and entertaining. The story itself is a nice morality tale on the hubris of humanity and how it deigns to lord over what it feels are inferior beings. The big twist at the end is a nice one – I actually didn’t see it coming but then again I’m not the best at predicting endings. I’m fairly dumb. I delve too deep into the suspension of disbelief. The star of this movie, however, is not Will Smith or any of his other human compatriots. It’s Sonny (voiced by Alan Tudyk of 28 Days), the robot who joins forces with Smith to fight the baddies. His innocence and curiosity produce the best lines and best charisma in the film. He is the Gollum of this movie. Overall, it entertained me even though it barely had any edge or real character. If you’re looking for a slightly above average sci-fi flick, I recommend it.

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