Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

harold8This movie’s main shock was that it’s two lead characters were not white males. They LITERALLY were billed as “that Indian guy from Van Wilder” (Kal Penn) and “that Asian guy from American Pie” (John Cho):Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 1.41.52 AM

In reality, that’s really how the American movie going public knew them when the film was released. For the record, I loved them in their supporting roles in the above films. Cho also had a nice role in Better Luck Tomorrow prior to this film, another flick dedicated to non-white leading characters. I was ready to love this movie. I went in 100% biased. And I’m proud of it. I love pot humor and stupid humor in general. (If it’s done well, of course. Well, sometimes even if it’s not well done.)  I was drunk before I entered the theatre (I was out of weed to my great shame). I laughed my pissed ass off.  Neil Patrick Harris stole the movie and That Asian Guy and That Indian Guy delivered comic charisma and chemistry in this joint (pun intended). While this was probably the apex of Penn’s career,  Cho has consistently improved over the course of his career and was brilliant in Columbus. The sober me would have to say the jokes were telegraphed too often and it was probably a crap movie – if you were going in with traditional movie expectations. But if you go in wanting stupid stoner jokes and no thinking, this is the strain for you.

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