anchormanAfter seeing Elf, I was extra excited about the second Will Ferrell vehicle. I thought Elf was hilarious. I quote it’s lines all the time and it’s taken 2nd place on my list of all time funniest Christmas comedies (nothing has come close to topping A Christmas Story). Ferrell’s take on the chauvinistic world of 70’s news shows is often hilarious, often weird and often “what the hell – am I supposed to laugh or not?” Ferrell’s facial ticks and physical comedy are still better than anybody since Chris Farley (RIP). And his dialogue at least tries to create a new brand, or at least an off base brand, of comedy. Sometimes it flops but it at least deserves a bow for taking a chance, something most comedies, and movies in general, are too scared to do. The cameos at the end really didn’t do it for me at all but I won’t spoil them for you. The supporting actors, among them a veteran Christina Applegate and relative newcomer at the time Steve Carrel, were far more than window dressing and human setups for Ferrell’s jokes. Ferrell’s foes and friends generate eternally quotable lines and great funny action sequences. This classic comedy gets better with every additional viewing. It remains Will Ferrell’s magnum opus. Tune in. Even if you’ve seen this broadcast before, it makes for a great rerun.


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