It Takes A Racist Village


I am not a lawyer.

I am not a logician.

I am not a philosopher.

(Well I might be a standup philosopher)

So I have no idea if what I’m about to say stands to any kind of intellectual rigor.

But that’s never stopped me before!

I post a daily protest post – an open letter – to white people who have wronged people of color. The nature of the offense ranges from microscopic to cataclysmic.

But I’ve changed the title of the post three times now because I’m finding it difficult to articulate who my open letter should be addressed to. So I’m going to do a haphazard and clumsy analysis of the following scenario:

White male with white supremacist positions purchases an assault rifle and a bump stock at a gun show from a private individual. That does not require a background check in some states. So the white male’s criminal record is not a factor. The white male takes his rifle into a predominantly black church and kills several people and wounds many more.

Who is responsible?

The white male shooter? Of course.

The person who sold him the rifle with no background check?


What? That’s not fair? He didn’t pull the trigger?

Do you think a private individual who sells guns at a gun show knows that background checks aren’t required? Do you think that same individual knows that the buyer could potentially have a criminal record that would normally preclude them from purchasing a gun?

If you don’t think they do, you can stop reading and go fuck yourself.

How about the NRA which has pressured politicians to keep the gun show loophole open?


You don’t think that’s fair? Fuck You.

How about the politicians who kept the loop hole open because the lobbyists ordered them to kill any sensible gun show legislation?


Don’t even open your fucking mouth.

How about the 5 repugnant pieces of shit who decided there was a constitutional right to own guns?

Absolutely.  To give the murderous gun cabal sanctified judicial approval is perhaps the most offensive level of responsibility; at least on a philosophical level. But with very damaging, far reaching concrete effects.

How about the voters who elected the politicians with A ratings from the NRA? The good people who just want to safeguard their 2nd amendment rights? They just want to protect themselves from a tyrannical vast liberal conspiracy that wants to take away guns from law abiding citizens!


How dare I?

How dare you, motherfucker.

You think gun rights advocates don’t know who they are voting for? You don’t think they know about the loophole? They didn’t pull the trigger. But they contributed to the environment that made the gun purchase possible.

What about the voters who voted for a politician with an A rating from the NRA but didn’t care about the 2nd amendment. Maybe they just cared about taking away reproductive rights from women. Or maybe they wanted lower taxes. But all those things they wanted came wrapped up in the package of an NRA servant.


I’m the motherfucker?

Always have been. Always will be. But my conscious is clear.

And this vast right wing conspiracy doesn’t just spread its tentacles into mass murder (or America’s favorite pastime). It twists education, criminal justice, housing, employment, healthcare and every other aspect of American society with one clear goal in mind: subjugation.

To answer the original question, I charge the following people (at least) with responsibility for racist evil in America: the actor, the vendors, the lobbyists, the politicians, the judges, and the voters.

It takes a village to make racist evil possible.

And the village has many members.

Some openly admit where they live.

Some deny about where they live.

Some don’t even know where they live.

Perception is no excuse for reality.

Ignorance of complicity is no shelter from the truth.

To those involved: Fuck you.

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