The 10 (WMATA) Metro Commandments

In order to fulfill our mission to be a transparent, customer focused organization, we promise to adhere to the following Ten Commandments. – WMATA Management

  1. Your train will be waiting at the platform until one of our spotters notices you and then it will be dispatched as soon as you can see it in the distance.
  2. In order to save energy during times of extreme heat, we will turn off the A/C in your train car.
  3. If there is a large event being held, we will ensure all of the high volume escalators are not functioning.
  4. If the conductor’s words are particularly important, they will be unintelligible.
  5. In order to ensure DUI’s and local law enforcement revenue, we will stop the trains running before last call.
  6. If your trip is time sensitive, we promise to stop at a random point in your ride for no good reason.
  7. Despite no apparent effect on fare rises, we will take money to post ads that contain little truth and strong bias.
  8. In no way will we provide adequate police or security measures to safeguard your safety.
  9. We are committed to haphazardly lower the available service and concurrently increase the fares.
  10. If there is ever anything we can do to make your experience more pleasant, please hesitate to ask.
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