Racism Is The Main Cause Of Anti-Immigrant sentiment…OMG!

I know. I know. You can’t believe that correlation (causation if you ask me) is real..

From the article:

“All told, the analyses were “unequivocal that racial resentment is reliably the largest and most precise predictor of attitudes toward immigration,” Miller found. As the chart above shows, “racial resentment has the largest magnitude effect” on the odds that a white respondent will express a preference for less legal immigration. The effect of racial resentment has “nearly six times” the impact as a belief that the economy has gotten worse on respondents’ propensity to favor less immigration.”

The only people reading this article are left leaning subscribers of the Washington Post and conservative media and/or political support staff so they can present it to their masters as good base rallying fuel. Not that it’s hard to incite an anti-science, anti-reproductive rights, less educated, population. These people are stupid and bigoted (and less and less are hiding it) and are angry the world is changing around them and their pea sized brains can’t make sense of it.

The only people surprised by this article are the naive and delusional.

Ask any sane, marginalized person who doesn’t hate their own group (sadly I have to add all those qualifiers) and you’ll get a collective eye roll. You might get slight movement of eyebrows. Or maybe a knowing, slight grin.

Meanwhile the #NeverHillary progressives and “moderates” who voted for Trump are scrambling and making sure they tell their Hispanic coworker that they had no idea this would happen when they voted how they voted.

I’m kidding! They would never admit they voted for Trump and the Bernie Bro’s will remain conspicuously quiet or bring up how Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie…again. Great. Rest on that moral fig leaf while the marginalized populations you claim to fight for get flushed down the toilet.

Fuck it. I’m going to go watch some more Harry Potter movies.


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